The Solid Content of Tabletalk: Now on Pre-Pub

TableTalkHave you checked out Tabletalk magazine on the Pre-Pub page yet? 265 complete issues of this unique, award-winning magazine that contains challenging, engaging articles on a wide variety of issues related to theology and Christian living written by today’s top Christian leaders.

Each issue of Ligonier’s Tabletalk revolves around a particular theme or concept, and whether you are a pastor or student looking for academic research or someone looking for good devotions for their family or church small group, Tabletalk has you covered. Check out some of the latest subjects that Tabletalk has tackled:

  • Overcoming Apathy: Mercy Ministry in Word and Deed
  • College and the Christian
  • The Marks of a Christian
  • Getting Sanctification Right
  • What N. T. Wright Really Said
  • Anxiety and the Sovereignty of God
  • Darwin and Darwinism
  • The Money Issue
  • The Seven Letters of Revelation

Now imagine the significance of this Pre-Pub with the power of Logos: 265 complete issues that you can perform powerful searches on. How sweet is that for preparing sermons or researching papers? On top of that, Tabletalk provides daily Bible studies and selected readings to take you through the entire Bible in-depth, in one year. With 265 issues, Tabletalk makes planning group study by theme, Scripture reference, or topic simple.

In fact, each month, more than 200,000 readers turn to Tabletalk for:

  • Articles by a variety of Christian scholars and leaders that provide detailed and thought-provoking coverage of important topics
  • Daily, in-depth studies guiding readers through one or more books of the Bible each year through rich yet easy-to-understand exposition, and practical applications
  • An easy and effective program for reading through the entire Bible in a year
  • Trusted resources for further study

So check out Tabletalk on the Pre-Pub page, and be sure to scroll down to get a taste of the different themes for each issue and to see a list of the trusted contributors that have been featured in this award winning magazine.


  1. Cheryl Gay says

    I hadn’t seen these before they came out on Pre-Pub. I bought a few copies once they were made available for individual purchase and really regret not buying this as a Pre-Pub!! These are full of solid, well written, instructive and inspiring articles and Bible studies. Tabletalk Magazine on Twitter!/Tabletalk is great for daily encouragement and pondering too.
    Thanks for making these available for us Logos!