Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics: A First-Ever English Translation

Reformed DogmaticsMany important theological works have not been translated into English. For most of the church’s history, the majority of theological writing has been done in Greek, Latin, German, French, Italian, Dutch—not English. There are countless works in the fields of biblical and theological studies that remain untranslated—and therefore inaccessible to English-speaking pastors, Bible students, and scholars.

Logos is changing that. As a start, we intend to translate Geerhardus Vos’ Gereformeerde Dogmatiek into English.

Why Most Translation Projects Fail

Translation projects are difficult. Translators must devote large amounts of time to work on a project. Publishers must invest resources to finish (and fund!) it. It takes years. It’s expensive. It’s risky.

It’s no wonder most translation projects never get off the ground.

Translation Projects Meet Pre-Pub

The Pre-Pub process allows us to invest resources in translating Gereformeerde Dogmatiek only if there is sufficient demand. The books that have been available only to specialists will soon be accessible to anyone.

To move the translation process forward, you need to place your pre-order. Once enough pre-orders are placed, Logos will begin the work of translating Gereformeerde Dogmatiek into English and turning it into a fully tagged, fully linked digital book for use in Logos Bible Software.

Normally, we begin the work of digitizing a book after enough users have pre-ordered. With the Pre-Pub process for this translation project, we will wait until there is sufficient interest in an English translation before beginning the work of translation itself—and this includes confirming who will do the translation and editorial work. This allows us to focus our resources on the projects our users want the most.

How It Works

As soon as there is sufficient interest in a project to cover the cost of translating, editing, and creating the digital work, we will confirm and announce the translator and move forward.

Gereformeerde Dogmatiek was originally intended to be published in 5 volumes, but it was bound in 3- and 4-volume print sets, approximately a thousand total pages in length.

There are lots of details that we’re still working out. As the scope of the project becomes clearer, the price may have to go up.

The good news is that if you pre-order today, you’re locked in at the lowest price. That’s why it’s always best to pre-order early. Head on over to the page and place your order.

What do you think of the project? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Shane Bennett says:

    I have a question about this work. I am extremely interested in this work and would like to see it complete. However, I need to know, will this pre-order only be for the digital format? Or will there be a hard-bound book version printed as well? Let me know,


    • Jayson Bradley says:

      Thanks for the question! There is currently no plans to make this available as a paper resource.

  2. Terreth J. Klaver says:

    Do it! DO it! Do it!

    The Dutch Translation passed it by and it will be there loss!