Announcing Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Payment Plans

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

A few months ago, we announced that work had begun on the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary—a groundbreaking 44-volume commentary on the entire Bible published by Logos Bible Software.

Today, we’re introducing a special payment plan designed specifically for this Pre-Pub.

Why a Payment Plan for the EEC?

The first volume of the EEC is tentatively scheduled to ship on June 1, 2011. New volumes of the EEC will become available over the next several years. When the first volume ships on June 1, 2011, we will process orders for the entire EEC. Then, as each new volume becomes available, it will download into your library automatically.

The Pre-Pub program allows us to offer you the EEC at an amazing deal—way less than you’d pay if the whole series were available today, but we understand the hesitation that some have to paying in full for something you won’t have complete access to for several years. In the past, you’ve had to choose between the benefits of the Pre-Pub program and the benefits of our payment plans. But we’ve decided to let you have the best of both worlds this time. You can get the amazing Pre-Pub price and make multiple interest free payments. With the EEC payment plan, you can stretch out your payments so your card is not charged for the full amount when the first volume ships.

How the EEC Payment Plan Works

You can customize the EEC payment plan to work best for your budget.

  • Plan Length. Choose from a 1 year plan, a 3 year plan, or a 5 year plan. The EEC is a multi-year publication project, so you have the option to stretch out your payments beyond the 1-year plans we normally offer.
  • Payment Frequency. Choose to make your payment every month, every quarter, or twice a year.

The EEC payment plan is interest-free, but we do charge a $5 processing fee for each payment. This helps cover the additional administrative expenses we incur by offering the payment plan. However, if you choose a 1-year payment plan option, we will waive all payment plan fees—that’s a savings of up to $60. So not only are we giving you the Pre-Pub price and giving you the option to put it on a payment plan, we’re also waiving our normal payment plan fees if you pay it off in the first year!

The good news is that you can get the best price by pre-ordering today, but then spread out your payments over the next few years if you’d like. This plan also gives you the flexibility to pay for it in whatever way works best for your budget. If you’re a pastor, this is the perfect way to apply your book budget to the EEC and still get the commentary at the lowest price.

Remember, the EEC payment plan is different from the normal Logos payment plan. Because the EEC is unique in that it won’t be finished for a few years, we are making this special exception and allowing a payment plan for this Pre-Pub. We’re also giving you the option to pay this particular Pre-Pub off over a longer period of time than the length of a normal Logos payment plan.

Learn more about the EEC Payment Plan.

How to Get the EEC Payment Plan

The only way to get the EEC payment plan is to contact us directly. We will work with you one-on-one to make sure you’re taken care of. Send us an email at or give us a call at 800-875-6467 (or 1-360-527-1700 from outside the US/Canada).

Last Chance to Pre-Order the EEC at this Price!

Right now you can pre-order the entire Evangelical Exegetical Commentary for only $699.95, or around $15.91 per volume. This price will expire at the end of the day on March 31, 2011. After that date, the price for the EEC will rise to $749.95.

This means you have one last chance to get it at the best price.

Now that you can apply a payment plan to your order, there’s never been a better time to pre-order the EEC. Pre-order now!

An Investment in Bible Study

With the EEC, you get the best deal by committing to the project up front.

It’s just like buying stock and getting paid dividends year after year. With the EEC, you pre-order the collection in advance. Then, each time a new commentary is released, it will automatically download into your library at no additional cost. Pre-ordering the EEC today is an investment in Bible study that will pay you back year after year with new content.

Remember, the price is going up in a few weeks, so this is your last chance to get the current deal. With the special payment plan option available, there’s never been a better time to get in on the project. So what are you waiting for? Place your pre-order now!

What Do You Think?

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