The Second Vatican Council Documents Now Available on Pre-Pub

Vatican IIIt’s impossible to understand Catholicism today without reference to the Second Vatican Council, and—according to Pope Benedict XVI—it’s impossible to understand the Second Vatican Council without placing it in continuity with the entirety of the history and tradition of the Catholic Church.

The sixteen documents produced by the Council between 1962 and 1965 set forth a wide-ranging program of renewal that brought changes to nearly every aspect of the life of the Church. Some of these changes were dramatic and contested, and the resulting tumult has left many, like the Pope, regretting that Vatican II is too often viewed as a rupture with the past, in contradiction to the purpose of the Council Fathers.

Logos is pleased to announce the arrival of the Vatican II Documents to our Pre-Pub program. The Vatican II documents are a crucial addition to our growing library of Catholic products, and the Logos edition will be an excellent tool for establishing the kind of understanding of the Council that Pope Benedict calls for.

With extensive linking of the Council documents’ references to Sacred Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Sources of Catholic Dogma (Denginzer-Rahner), the Logos edition of the Vatican II documents will make it easy to explore the words of the Council Fathers and trace their roots in Scripture and the tradition of the Church.

The Vatican II Documents make a great complement to our Catholic Theology and Dogma Collection, which contains the documents of the preceding councils of Trent and Vatican I plus several compilations of Catholic teaching that come from the period immediately preceding Vatican II. These two products together give you a library of Catholic teaching that stretches from the first to the twentieth century.

Are you a Catholic seeking deeper understanding of your faith? Are you a non-Catholic curious about what has been happening within Catholicism for the last fifty years or about Catholic teaching on matters like the inspiration of Sacred Scripture, the nature of the Church, or religious freedom? You will find the Vatican II Documents are an indispensable and authoritative resource for you.

Today’s guest post is by Louis St. Hilaire, Logos Bible Software’s Catholic Product Manager.


  1. This is great news! Hooray for Logos and its wisdom in publishing the Vatican II documents. I am pre-pubbing this one!
    As a long-time biblical scholar whose Logos roots goes back to the first versions, and as someone who (Lord willing) will be ordained to the Catholic diaconate in June, I look forward to a growing set of materials addressed to Catholic scholars, clergy, and educators worldwide.
    I teach a Sunday Scripture Study, and being able to pull up reference materials in class, as well as the prep for my PowerPoints each week, I don’t know where I would be without Logos.
    I have been bringing priests and deacons to Morris Proctor’s training every time he comes into Colorado Springs, and am encouraged that Catholic clergy are coming to see Logos as a helpful too in their studies, homily preparation, and other ministry activities.
    So, all we need are more Catholic resources–Sacra Pagina, New Jerome Biblical Commentary, encyclicals, etc–powerfully connected with the rest of our Logos volumes.
    I wish there were more ways we could get the word out to our Catholic clergy about this resource. As a former ordained Protestant minister, we Catholics have some catching up to do with respect to the use of these wonderful resources!
    I am looking forward to the new version of the New American Bible being published later this Spring, and hope there will be a Logos version ASAP.
    In Him,
    Rick Bauer
    (to be ordained June 2011 as a Catholic Deacon)
    Colorado Springs, CO

    • Deacon Rick,
      I just read your post, and wanted you to know that I am right where you were about a year ago. I am in my final year of formation and, God willing, will be ordained a deacon in October! I just upgraded to Logos 4 and am loving all of the new features (and publications) The Catechism is downloading as I type this, and with a copy of Canon law and the Roman Missal on pre=order, I can see how this will be a very powerful tool as I prepare homilies, lead RCIA, and develop other adult faith formation opportunities in our parish!

      Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!


      Joe M.

  2. Rennie Pelkie says

    Thanks for making this available. Will be a great resourc.