The Essential Bible App

Like Us called it “by far one of the best free Bible apps to hit the App Store.” A writer for the Unofficial Apple Weblog lamented that he didn’t have it when he read through the Bible in a year.

And just last week selected it as the “Essential Bible App.”

So what makes the Logos iPhone and iPad app so great?


The Logos bible app is free. It gives you access to 40+ different resources from (another free service from Logos), including 30 Bibles such as the HCSB, NKJV, ESV, NLT, NASB, and KJV.

You also get an additional 30+ free resources by simply creating a account and signing in from the app.


While there are a number of Bible reading apps out there, Logos is one of the few Bible study apps. And the tools it lets you use on the go are incredible!

  • Text Comparison—See how various versions translate a given passage and to what degree they differ
  • Word Studies—Analyze the Greek and Hebrew and see how a word is translated throughout the Bible
  • Passage Guide—Pull into one report everything from your library that relates to a particular passage
  • Cross references, parallel passages, literary typing, and more!


One of the best things about the app is that it allows you the freedom to take your digital library on the go. Have our Scholar’s base package? Access literally hundreds of these works through your iPhone or iPad.*


Tailor the app to fit your reading and studying preferences.

  • View any two books at once with split-screen viewing
  • Use sepia and low light color options
  • Adjust text size as you desire
  • Follow custom reading plans


Ever read something so powerful or interesting that you wish everyone else could know about it? With the kind of books the Logos Bible app lets you read on the go, you’ll no doubt read things that you want to share with your friends.

Good news. You can! Link the app with your Facebook or Twitter account, and you can share any passage and your thoughts as you read!

Logos has packed all these features into the iPhone and iPad apps to give people yet another way to get more out of their Bible study and reading. It gives your base package a sort of multiplier effect, making it even more exciting and useful.

And if you’re using another mobile platform, check out for the time being. We’ve heard from you all and are working hard to bring Logos to more devices.

Today’s guest post is by Stephen Smith, from the Logos Bible Software marketing team.

*We’re working with publishers to make every Logos resource available in the app. The vast majority of our base package resources are available on iOS devices.


  1. How do u share a passage? my app only let’s me share what I am reading. I would love to be able to share quotes from the book from my app

  2. Howard Law says

    DROID???? Nice of you to brag about an app that has been out for a while but come on the droid is rated a better device (consumer reports) yet we are still waaiittiinngg…..

  3. I love this app. I would like to see the prayer list feature added to it though. This would be so helpful to be able to add/edit prayers when your away from home.

  4. It sounds wonderful. I am really looking forward to Logos for Android! Any idea on the timetable for that? Cheers, Mark

  5. Looking forward to seeing the same for Android.

  6. When will there be an android app? I use Logos all the time, and I would love to have it available on my phone

  7. Please hurry up and make this available for android. :-)

  8. Michael Huffman says

    So Jayson when is the Android app going to be ready?

  9. Hey, what about Droid?

  10. J. Wesley Beck says

    When, oh when will you finally port to Android…the soon to be leading mobile application base?

  11. landonnorton says

    How about a Windows Phone app? Any word on that??

  12. Tana Rehbein says

    I absolutely love my new software and it’s user friendly approach to all the wonderful resources! How can I access by Leaders logos package from my Blackberry?

  13. Howard J Self says

    It is wonderful that such innovative apps are available for I Phone users. What about those of us who use so-called Smartphones? Is there any app for us? Is there any plan to create one? Whassup?

  14. Yes, I am interested in the App for the Android phone system. thank you

  15. I love this app but it lacks one essential feature for pastors and that is the ability to select and copy. Can you please make this available? I have been waiting for this feature since the app came out!

  16. Walter McCaslin says

    Is there an APP for the Droid phone?

  17. We are currently mapping that out as shown here.

  18. Steve,
    Thanks for your comment. I just talked to our app developer. I can tell you to hold on, that’s coming! I don’t have a specific timeline for you but it is on the radar.

  19. Carlette Lovell says

    I too would love to have my Logos Software available on my My touch Android. Any news that it could be coming anytime soon?

  20. Landon,
    It is definitely being considered, but there is no firm plans for the Windows app yet.

  21. Tana,
    Right now you can access all the same books one could access on their iPhone by going to We have created a launcher which utilizes our distinguishable Logos icon—giving you one-click access to You can find out all about it on the blog post Logos Bible Software BlackBerry Launcher for .

  22. I would like to have this on my new windows 7 phone

  23. Randy,
    I will send this suggestion on. Any time you come up with great ideas like this go ahead and email them to!

  24. When you have a passage open you can sweep up from the bottom and have access to your Passage Guide, Text Comparison, Search for Citations, Add to Favorites, and Share. Share will allow you to send an email, a tweet, or post it to Facebook.

  25. John R. Williams II says

    Currently you support the Iphone, are you intending to support the andriod operating system (2.2)? Please reply. Thank you.

  26. Jayson Bradley says

    Any time we post an iPhone app related blog post we get a ton of these “what about my mobile platform” comments. And we completely understand. As Stephen said in his blog post, we are working hard to bring Logos to more devices. I don’t have a time-line to give you but trust that we are working on it. For the time being, make sure to point your browser to

  27. John Finkelde says

    Yep I’ll add my voice to the Android flood!

  28. Don Wingfield says

    I join the chorus not too patiently waiting for the Droid app.

  29. Love this app. Thanks guys! Then new split screen is a wonderful addition and is greatly helpful!

  30. John Simpson says

    This sounds great…where is the Android app?

  31. Gerry Mullins says

    I love this app and use it ALL the time. However, like most Logos users I’m not convinced that I’m squeezing all the goodness out of it. The iPhone app is screaming for a comprehensive manual with a complete guide to all the features.
    As one example, I use mine in church and occasionally want to check a commentary on the speaker’s focal passage. After I’m finished and want to return to the focal passage, I can’t find an easy way to close the commentary and return to the scripture text. Mind you, I’m sure there IS a way (or if not, WHY NOT???), but it isn’t obvious. Write a manual!

  32. Tim Nissly says

    Patience Young Padawans. Let them make the app perfect for Mac users and then your user experience will be much better. To many unknowns for the Droid right now. Thanks for every thing you do Logos
    Or you could just ditch the second rate Droid for a real OS :) Just kidding. Please don’t be angry… :)

  33. I am using logos for Mac, ipad and iphone. On the share feature for iphone, what is sent is a link to the verse and it doesn’t send the actual verse. I have another app that does send the entire verse along with the link. Will this change?

  34. Dottie Steczo says

    I have Logos on my PC at home and of course I have the NIV Bible that comes with it, but cannot get the NIV on my Ipod Touch. Why is that? I enjoy doing my daily readings in the NIV, but it’s not available on the Ipod so I have to set them up in another version. I also have the Droid Incredible for my phone and I am so looking forward to having the app on there. Any word on a possible time frame? Love the app otherwise! Use it everyday.

  35. Danny,
    Thanks for your input! I have sent your suggestion to If you have any more great suggestions, this emailing them to this address is a great way to be heard!

  36. Harvey Quackenbush says

    Where is this app for my BlackBerry???

  37. Good idea Gerry,
    You can also go to our iPhone/iPad forum and get some great help with your app.

  38. Andrew Brady says

    Hi Jayson,
    I guess it’s your job but thank you for your diligence in responding to all the ‘different’ queries and being patient with those of us who keep asking for the app on our non i-phone phones.
    I myself have an android phone which is great. Having only purchased logos 4 last year and recently upgraded I’m still getting to grips with it on my pc, let alone my phone (though I know I’ll download the app just as soon as it is available). I’ve just got the manuals, am grateful for the videos on the support page on the logos website.
    Thank you to you and to all your colleagues at Logos who are doing such a fantastic job in serving our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
    Grace & Truth

  39. Nate Long says

    What’s the difference between Vyrso and the Logos Bible App?

    • Jayson Bradley says


      What a great question. We are working hard this week building up to a major announcement! Stay tuned. . .

  40. Nate Long says

    Also, unless I’m missing something, there is no “share” function in the iPad apps…

    • Jayson Bradley says

      The share function on the iPad is the + character in the upper right hand corner (below the battery life image).

  41. Kenny Burgett says

    I’ve just started using the Logos app on the iPad 2. I’ve been searching for a way to create bookmarks to different passages – is there a way to do this?

  42. John Harkness says

    I hope it will not be to long before we can getit on blackberry playbook

  43. James Gillespie says

    Android fans….as a user of the iPhone I can vouch that the Logos app is worth the price of an iPhone ;) But I also use it on my Kindle Fire…which is awesome by the way!