Richard Young’s Intermediate New Testament Greek

I may be the weird one. But for some reason, I like to have access to grammars that treat the Greek of the New Testament.

The problem is that they are seldom readable. While some grammars may be good for reference (like BDF and Robertson) you would be hard-pressed to sit down and read them through cover to cover. They’re just not meant to work that way.

When I saw Richard Young’s Intermediate New Testament Greek: A Linguistic and Exegetical Approach, however, I had hope. It was a manageable size (308 pages) and actually looked like I could sit and read it (no, really, check the sample scans at the bottom of the product page).

I wasn’t disappointed. I can still remember when I bought the print book (now at least 5 years ago). And I actually read it.

Did you know that Young’s grammar is available for Logos Bible Software? And it isn’t in any of the base packages, not even Portfolio? And that at $29.99, it is one of the more reasonably-priced intermediate Greek grammars that you can get for Logos?

Young’s is a winner for me. Maybe it’ll help you too.


  1. Rich Nazarenus says

    My biggest problem with Robertson is format. Those many paragraphs full of multiple examples need to be replaced by lists or tables which would organize data and highlight the distinctions he is making. Perhaps when I retire, I’ll work on that reformatting and submit it to Logos for a new edition!
    Unless someone else does it first . . . please!

  2. I young has that same problem. Young is really built for reading. It has great information and it isn’t terribly difficult to look up something when needed but it is a lot easier to read than for research. I am interested in how Logos has incorporated it into the linking ability of the Logos system.