Proclaim announced with a $25,000 Worship Resource Giveaway

Proclaim Giveaway

This week Logos has introduced our new product called Proclaim, and to celebrate the announcement Proclaim is running a $25,000 Worship Resource Giveaway with over 100 winners.

So what is this new tool and why is it important?

Proclaim is a church presentation software that is going to change the way pastors, worship leaders, and other ministry partners put together a presentation. Not only will pastors be able send information and media directly from Logos 4 to a presentation, but worship leaders and others will be able to access a presentation throughout the week to add songs, backgrounds, and announcements. That’s right, multiple people can work from home or their church—or anywhere with internet access—on the same presentation.

Like Logos 4, Proclaim is a cross platform tool. You access your presentation from any place with an internet connection, from a Mac or PC.

A built-in media store means anyone can add videos or graphics without worrying about file-formats and compatibility, while ensuring the whole team can review selected content before it is presented.

Many churches use online planning tools to plan their service order and communicate with their team. While this has traditionally required worship team members to duplicate efforts inputting the service order and set list into the presentation software, Proclaim will easily import the ‘order of service’ you have already created. Then, the same application your team has used throughout the week to access the online version of the presentation, is now the same application used to run the presentation during the service.

There are some very useful cutting-edge features as well, allowing scriptures, messages, and surveys to be pushed out to the mobile devices of people in your service. For instance, when the scripture slide comes up on a screen, a signal will be sent out to also bring the scripture up on their mobile phones.

We have created Proclaim to be the simplest solution for pastors and worship leaders to present with, and for volunteers to run without a huge learning curve.

The Great Worship Resource Giveaway

To celebrate the announcement of Proclaim, we are running “The $25,000 Great Worship Resource Giveaway”, which will have over a 100 winners! The giveaway features today’s best worship resources and will surely be something your worship team will want to enter. Visit the giveaway and see a video on Proclaim, by clicking the banner above, or by going to We would love to know what you think about Proclaim. Post your comments and questions below!


  1. I would be interested in learning more on how this all connects…put me down for a chance to win…. for a young church planter this would revolutionize Nueva Vida and the way we prep for our services in Spanish and English….

  2. A. D. Street says

    Thank you sounds really great!

  3. Daniel C. Nelson says

    I like it.

  4. Will you have to have an iternet connection to run the presentation?

  5. For some reason the video won’t load completely?

  6. You will be able to fully cache your presentation—so technically no. You do miss out on some of Proclaims cool features without an internet connection.

  7. We use easy worship currently. Will this replace easy worship and how about adding songs? Will I have to type them all in?

  8. Currently we easy worship and CCLI to import our songs for presentation. How will Proclaim work to bring in song lyrics and importing song lyrics.

  9. Hi, enter me for a chance to win, and also is this software made to be used with multiple displays and will it take the place of popular worship softwares such as: Worship Him; Easy Worship; Media Shout; and Live Worship?