Logos 4: Bookmark the Passage You’re Studying

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

I not only have the privilege of being the authorized Logos trainer, but I am also a Bible preacher-teacher. This means I use Logos for my own Bible study and sermon prep. Here is a little trick I incorporate into my Logos work: I always reserve Bookmark 1 for the passage I am investigating.

For example, if this week I am in Romans 6.1-11, I do this:

  • Open my ESV to Romans 6.1
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + 1 to set Bookmark 1 (Cmd + Shift + Option + 1 for Mac)

Then as I study the passage, I may leave Romans 6 to track down a cross reference or examine another topic. To quickly return home to this week’s passage, I simply press Ctrl + 1 (Cmd + 1 for Mac)!


  1. Just using the “layout” option in the upper right corner works pretty well too- that’s if you can remember when you were studying the passage in question :-)

  2. But can you do this on iPod or iPhone?

  3. This did not work for me. I have a PC and I pushed ctrl-shift-1 to mark the passage. Then I chose another layout (that I used on another day), then I pushed ctrl-1 and nothing happened.

  4. Thank you, Morris.
    I have several versions of the Bible open as tabs in a widow of my favorite Logos 4 layout. When I transition from studying one chaper of Isaiah, for example, to another, is there a shortcut to make all the open versions of the Bible move to the new chapter together? It would save a lot of typing.
    Thanks for the excellent products and support, Logos team!

  5. Allen G. Harris says

    Dear mr. Proctor,
    I was wondering why in Logos 4 there is not the link to illustrations that was in previous Logos platforms?
    Pastor Al Harris

  6. Mark,
    Our Logos Bible Software App works a bit differently. What you can do is create Favorites.
    While at a section of Scripture in your Bible you want to “bookmark” (or in any book for that matter), swipe up on the screen and select Add to Favorites. This will automatically set a Favorites for your location.
    To access these later, when you open the app and are at the Home screen, tap More on the bottom-right, select Favorites, and find your entry. That’s it.
    Also keep in mind, going from the Home screen to Read will open the last book you were reading to the last place it was opened.

  7. Hi Emmett,
    Take a look at your Bookmarks by going to Tools | Favorites and looking at the Bookmarks section. This will show a list of set or open bookmarks.
    Even without a resource open, using Ctrl + 1 (or any other bookmark shortcut) should open the set resource to the correct place. Test this by closing all open windows by clicking the Home icon or with Ctrl + Shift + W. This will return you to the Home screen. Click Home once more and you should have a blank, grey screen.
    Now hit Ctrl + 1. Your first bookmark should open. If this is not working, please give our Customer Service department a call at 1-800-875-6467 and they can look into the matter even further.

  8. Hi Allen,
    Although there isn’t an equivalent integrated into Logos 4 quite yet, it is on the list of coming features. If you allow Logos 4 to download automatic updates, your program will download the update as soon as it is available.

  9. Hi David,
    Yes, there is a shortcut. You’ll want to check out our Linking Resources article which will walk you through setting up your resources to track with your study.

  10. Carlos Zazueta says

    Mr. Morris,
    Since I updated Logos 4 for MAC I cannot find a few resources , particularly the Spanish “Biblioteca Pastroal” (i.e. Nuevo Testamento Interlineal Griego-Español or the Antiguo Testaento Interlineal Hebreo-Español). I have the software but seems that this version of Logos for Mac cannot recognize these resources. Is there anything you can recommend me to do? Thank you in advance for your advice regarding this question

  11. Hi Adam,
    I tried adding a bookmark to the book I’m reading in my LOGOS iPad app; when I swipe the top of the screen, all that appears is a search area, and the “Contents” and “Favorites” buttons; the latter is empty with only an “edit” option. I cannot locate a place to add the favorite to the list. (I tried “More” at the bottom, but that only has “Settings” and “About.”
    Thank you,

  12. Hi Laila,
    It sounds like you are swiping down, from top to bottom. Swipe up, from bottom to top instead and you should see the Add to Favorites and Share options.

  13. Hi Carlos,
    Please give our Customer Service department a call at 800-875-6467. They will be able to find out what is happening. Thanks.

  14. I have used the “Read” button before to find that it does not open to the last place I was at. It is sometimes a chapter behind. Not being able to set a bookmark like other readers is frustrating. The favorites is not a good substitute because every time you want to set a new bookmark to keep you place, you have to delete the old “favorite”

    Please bring real bookmarking and note /highlighting capabilities to the mobile app. It would make this so much better.