Download a Free Copy of the New NIV

Vatican II

Did you know that there might be a free copy of the new NIV waiting for you? Zondervan recently published a brand new edition of the NIV, replacing both the 1984 NIV and the TNIV. Instead of charging for it, we’ve decided to make it available free of charge—a value of nearly $27.00—as a thank you to everyone who has a Logos 4 base package that includes the old NIV.

From time to time we like to give away free books. Sometimes we make them available to everyone like we did with the recent McCheyne freebie. Other times we make them available to a specific group of people. In this case, we’re offering the new NIV free of charge to those of you who support us and stay up to date with our latest base packages.

You do not have to add the new NIV to your cart to take advantage of this offer. You can get it for free by going to our upgrade page and choosing the free crossgrade option on the package you already own.

Once you download the crossgrade the new NIV will show up in your resources as the New International Version. The 1984 edition of the NIV will show up in your library as the New International Version (1984). If you notice that the books didn’t come through, you can simply type “update resources” in the command bar and Logos 4 will pull them in.

In addition to the new NIV, you may get a few other resources including:

  • NET Bible Notes
  • Logos LXX Variants and its corresponding reverse interlinear
  • Book of Common Prayer Lectionary

Visit the upgrade page right now to see if you qualify and what other free books might be waiting for you. While you’re there, check out your upgrade options. Upgrading your base package is one of the best ways to build your digital library with quality titles for just pennies on the dollar.

If you don’t have a base package yet, you can purchase one. If you have a Logos 3 (or older) base package, there may be special discounts available for you. Check out your upgrade options.


  1. Logos 4 Green user says

    Is this not available for all Logos 4 users? I do not see anything on my upgrade page other than upgrading to the new level at $328.00

  2. BJ Silverman says

    Thanks for this offer. Here’s a question. I will want to continue using the 1984 NIV the vast majority of the time if I use the NIV at all (I’m mostly an ESV guy now); so, if I get the 2011 NIV, will I still have ready access to the older edition?
    I don’t want to even slightly risk losing that great older NIV. (I doubt that will happen because I’m guessing you’d hear an deafening outcry if the 1984 edition ever vanished from people’s Logos libraries, and I know with the 1995 NASB, you guys denoted the newer one right in the book’s title as “1995 Update.” But again, I can’t even risk ‘upgrading’ and then losing my old NIV.)
    I’m likely not the only one who’d like an answer to this question, and I’ll look forward to your reply!

  3. Letha Gibson says

    I do not see the free cross grade option

  4. If we download and install the NIV (2011) does it REPLACE our copy of NIV (1984)?
    Or do we get to keep both editions?

  5. Emerson Davis says

    I tried to download the NIV 2011 on the upgrade page, but there was a cost of $104.

  6. Byung-Kyu Kim says

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Mike Southerland says

    So…will this replace the 1984 NIV that currently exists in our base packages, or will it be in addition to that? I hope not to lose the original.

  8. Nice offer, but impossible to find out how to download it.

  9. I can’t click on my package for the free cross-grade. My page is only allowing me to upgrade to Portfolio.
    I am logged in and all.

  10. This appears as if it will replace the NIV84. Is this correct? Although it would be great to have the new NIV, I do not want to lose this current version in the process.

  11. J. B.,
    I just checked your account and you are already upgraded. You are good to go!

  12. Ron,
    Head over to our upgrade page (make sure you are logged in) and simply hit the download button for your Logos 4 base package that you currently own.

  13. Emerson,
    You have to have a Logos 4 (LE) base package. If you have a crossgraded Logos 3 package you would have to upgrade to get the 2011 NIV.

  14. Bobby Earls says

    Went to my upgrade page, hit download on my package and it takes me to an order page for the NIV w/ a $26 charge. What do I need to do to get the free version??

  15. John Morgan says


  16. Letha,
    I checked your account. It looks like you are all up to date. You should have the new NIV in your resources.

  17. Bobby,
    Go to this link, make sure you are logged in, and click to download the Scholar’s Library: Platinum (your current Logos 4 base package). It should be listed as a free crossgrade.

  18. Will this remove and replace the “old” NIV or will this be like the RSV/NRSV where you can have both?

  19. I upgraded but while checking out I found(Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated) listed at $34.95 in my cart, instead of the New NIV. So, I deleted it(Figures of Speech) from my cart but couldn’t find the New NIV anywhere. I also did “Update Now” but nothing showed up. How do I get the New NIV now?

  20. I already upgrade my LOGOS 4 from LE to KF, but I cann’t update my NIV bible to the latest version.

  21. Matthew,
    Do not worry! Crossgrading will not remove anything from your package.

  22. Bobby Earls says

    Jason, still a dead end. I tried this but it still takes me to a 10% discount of the new NIV listed at $26.65. Not a free download

  23. Steve Maling says

    Hi, Jayson,
    Many thanks to Logos once again. But this time the Upgrade Page isn’t showing my recently updated Logos 4 Original Languages Library (indicated by the fact that I already have the NET Bible Notes as a separage resource). So I can’t click on the “Free Crossgrade Option.”

  24. thank you thank you thank you for all you do

  25. Dennis,
    If you search your library for “NIV” you will find that the 2011 NIV is now listed as the New International Version and the 1984 edition will have (1984) in the title.

  26. Now what??? I’ve ordered the free crossgrade but now the Logos website (and automated email) are both suggesting I run Logos4setup.exe which seems strange to me since I already have the most current Logos4 engine.
    I’m confused – Am I supposed to re-run the set up program to go from LE to KL??? Is it safe to run Logos4setup.exe program when I already have Logos4 on my computer???
    This is all very puzzling. I would much appreciate clarification of what I should be doing.

  27. Brian,
    The email and website say to run that file because it’s standard procedure for people who might not have installed it before and/or it’s a file to run in case the automatic update doesn’t come through. If the books already downloaded automatically then you will have to do anything. If the new books didn’t come through, you can either type in “update resources” to the command bar or close the program and run the setup file.

  28. I’ve upgraded from LE to KF, but the NIV 2011 is not appearing in my book list (I have NIV (1984), TNIV & NIrV). I tried closing Logos and re-opening, but nothing changed. Is there a way to force logos to download the resource?

  29. Jai,
    Once you download the crossgrade the new NIV will show up in your resources as the New International Version. The 1984 edition of the NIV will show up in your library as the New International Version (1984). If you notice that the books didn’t come through, you can simply type “update resources” in the command bar and Logos 4 will pull them in.

  30. Hi, I asked this earlier today but do not see it posted. I have three versions of NIV in my library (NIV, NIV84, and NIrV) but cannot click on my current Library on the upgrade page to get the new NIV. Help!

  31. Steve,
    I am showing that you have crossgraded to a KF collection so you are good. The Original Language Library doesn’t include a copy of the NIV so it will not give you a free copy of the new NIV though.

  32. Linda,
    I am sorry I didn’t get to your comment sooner, I am wading through a crazy amount of comments this morning!
    I checked your account and it looks as though you are all set with the crossgrade.
    The new NIV will be called the NIV in your library and the previous version will be listed as the NIV84. If you have both listed then you should be ready to go.

  33. TJ,
    If you have the NIV in your current package, it will be called the NIV84 after you crossgrade. The new NIV will simply be titled the NIV.
    It will not replace your old NIV.

  34. It will not replace anything currently in your library. Your old version will become the NIV84.

  35. Thank you. That was easy. According to my Mac, I’m running “4.0b SR-4 (” rather than “KF.” Is this correct? Am I current?

  36. Have no fear BJ, you will keep your old version of the NIV, which will now be called the New International Version (1984).

  37. I do not seem to have any upgrades available. I have the NIV1984, but do not have the 2011. Any suggestions on how to get it show up?

  38. Great! Now when can I download it to my iPad?

  39. Michael Deisem says

    You guys are great. Thanks for the freebie. Not sure what the upgrade from Scholars LE to KF did but I appreciate the NIV. Thanks again. PS really tempted to go Silver at this price.

  40. The 2011 should be in your resources simply as the NIV. If it is not showing up you can type “update resources” in the command bar and Logos 4 will pull them in.

  41. David Cortes-Fuentes says

    I have the Scholar Library, and tried to update using “update resources” in the command bar but the program tells me that there are no updates available. I do have the NIV (1984) and the NIrV.
    Do I have a problem?

  42. Donn,
    I am showing you as upgraded to KF on your account. It looks like you are up to date.

  43. Connie,
    I show you as having the Bible Study Library LE. If you are logged in with your account the upgrader should be allowing you to download the Bible Study Library KF at no charge.

  44. I can’t seem to find a way to get the new NIV free upgrade

  45. Noah,
    Your account shows that you have crossgraded to the KF collection. You should have the new NIV in your library.

  46. I don’t find anything on my upgrade page other than an option to upgrade to the next level for $2,340.

  47. Bob,
    Go to, make sure you are logged in to your account, and download the Scholar’s Library: Silver (your current base package). It should list it as a free crossgrade to KF. The NIV is in the resource you will get with the crossgrade.

  48. Cal,
    Your account says that you already have the KF collection. You should be good.

  49. David,
    I am showing you have crossgraded and if it is showing that you have the NIV (1984) then it should be good to go. If you don’t also have the New International Version in your library and it says there are no updates available, you might want to give C/S a call at 800-875-6467.

  50. Thanks for looking into that for me.

  51. What does KF stand for? My account indicates that I cross-graded from silver LE to KF not gold as your cartoon appears to represent. I now have everything your blog indicates except LXX variants. Is it possible to obtain this resource without incurring a charge? Thanks.

  52. Dear Logos:
    Wow! Give something away for free and look what happens…
    As the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.”
    I for one want to thank you for all that you do. How you patiently deal with all of these tech support questions that are already clearly spelled out in the original blog post, amazes me. Even though you have to do alot of hand-holding for those who don’t take time to read directions, please don’t stop offering freebies like these downloads once in a while as you so graciously do. Most of us “get it” the first time and do really appreciate it.

  53. Jim Wolfgang says

    There is no word “crossover” on my free upgrade,also do I have to enter a credit card number even though its free?
    Thanks for the help.

  54. Stanley Brown says

    I tried to download and it says no upgrade needed. I downloaded the upgrade and have tried to run it several times. It keeps saying I don’t need update. I cannot find the new NIV.

  55. Nelson Pardee says

    I do appreciate the availability of the new NIV. But I can’t in any way figure out how to download it. The upgrade page only offers one option- the next higher level. There’s a minimal upgrade option, but I can’t even tell what that means. I tried Update Resources but nothing happened. I just bought Logos less than a month ago.
    TIA for the help.

  56. Same thing here no “crossgrade” option available? what am i doing incorrectly?

  57. Steven Nicholson says

    I did as you said. When I downloaded the file and ran it, it said my version was up to date. Checked for the new NIV and it wss not there. The NIV did have 1984 next to it.

  58. I already purchased the new NIV from Logos. Does this mean I get a refund?

  59. Bill Provost says

    Do these offers apply to Mac users? It doesn’t seem to be an option for my current account. Maybe I’m missing something. This seems to be a very confusing process.

  60. the only upgrade page is
    Exclusive Upgrade Discounts for David … (full name)which does not give me the option of upgradeing my current platimum package

  61. Bill,
    Yes, it applies to the owner of any base package. Basically all you are doing is crossgrading from your current Scholar’s Library LE to the Scholar’s Library KF collection. In the crossgrade you are receiving the new NIV.

  62. Thanks for the question. If you have a base package that includes the NIV and would give you the new NIV in a crossgrade then yes, you would be refunded for your purchase. Email or call sales at 1-800-875-6467.

  63. Steven,
    I just checked your account. You crossgraded your Original Languages Library which is a package that doesn’t include the NIV. The 2011 NIV is only going to download to those base packages that come with a copy of the NIV.

  64. What does “LE” and “KF” stand for? Am I now or in the future losing anything by the crossgrade?

  65. The letters simply denote different configurations of the packages. You are not going to lose anything you already own.

  66. I checked your account. It shows you already have a KF collection. There is no further crossgrade needed.

  67. Nelson,
    If you bought your base package less than a month ago, you have the most up to date package. In that package is the new NIV.

  68. Although I always use several versions according to the best match for the subject and I don’t really have a “favorite” version I am appreciating the NIV2011 more and more as I read it. In the past I tried to make this or that version my “favorite” version and use it over other versions most of the time. I just never could settle with one. There are too many times I find a verse or section that is so much better in another version. I said that to say this; I came very close to staying with the NIV (84) but one of my pet peeves was the translation of “flesh” as “sinful nature”; I just do not like this and think it leads the reader away from the intent of the passage in the great majority of passages. But then when I read Romans chapter 8 from the new NIV2011 I was quite pleasantly surprised. You KJV, NKJV,NASB, ESV etc. users will see what I mean when you read it.
    I did not have any problem downloading and installing it – very smooth. Don’t forget to reboot LOGOS 4 though.
    A BIG thanks LOGOS for this great gift!

  69. Nelson Pardee says

    Thanks, Jayson. I verified that the NIV I received is indeed the Updated version, based on Gen 23:4 (foreigner, not alien) and Is 3:20 (anklet, not ankle chains). But when I go to library, look up International or 1984, or try any other way I can think of, I cannot find the 1984 version.

  70. I downloaded 2011 NIV yesterday but it’s not showing up in my library. What should I do to correct that? Thanks.

  71. Nick Eshuis says

    I cannot find the free download on the ‘upgrade’ page. Could you please clarify? Thank you.

  72. The new NIV did not come through for me. I am on the Original Language Library but I have the NIV from previous library purchases. Even though the L4 Orig Lang didn’t have NIV, can I still get the new NIV since I purchased a prior package that had NIV? Thanks.

  73. Thomas Meade says

    I have Logos4 Scholar’s Platinum 4 (LE). I cannot figure out how to upgrade the new NIV. I cannot locate anything after I sign in. Do I qualify to get it free, too? Thanks
    Thomas Meade

  74. I’m sorry, but I have to say that I can’t find where to download the new NIV or click on the crossgrade. Where do I see it? When I went to the upgrade page, I was prompted for credit card details.
    Please help.
    Also, is the new NIV available for iPad? Because it’s available for free on other iPad / iPhone apps.

  75. Harvey L. Cox says

    I also bought less than a month ago. I don’t show the new NIV in my library. An attempt to update resources showed no updates available. What do I do to get it?

  76. I can’t find the download.

  77. Brent Hoefling says

    allowing us to keep those older versions as well – now that is THE AWESOME!!!! I will sometimes do studies that lead me into a comparitive of translatory differences, so having them is really kewl. (now wish I could get the original 1611, first edition; for more comparisons.)

  78. James Tidwell says

    I downloaded the free NIV and associated books onto my laptop a day or two ago by adding them to my existing library at no charge. This morning I was going to download them to my desktop computer and I cannot find the option to do. The only option shown is to upgrade to the next level for $2340 whereas before I had the to just download the new material for free by adding it to my present library. Please advise as to how to download it to my desktop. Thanks, James Tidwell

  79. I never recieved an answer to my question 2/16/11 1:11pm please send reply. Thank you. Verge.

  80. The previous base package configuration was LE, the new is KF. They don’t necessarily stand for anything, they help us denote different package configurations.
    The image in the blog post isn’t there to show that everyone upgrades to Gold. It was simply to show what the crossgrade prompt would look like. As it says in the blog, it would be a crossgrade to whatever package you currently own.
    The LXX variant should be there if you have everything else.
    Thanks Verge.

  81. My apologies, I posted the comment and then got distracted before I got a chance to reply.

  82. James,
    One great thing about Logos 4 is how it syncs between different machines. You wouldn’t have to crossgrade again to get the new books. You simply need to let Logos 4 pull your licensed items into the program on your desktop.

  83. Matthew,
    Thanks for your comment. You have to have a Logos 4 base package to take advantage of the free crossgrade.

  84. Harvey,
    The package you purchased is the KF collection. The NIV you have in your collection is the new NIV.

  85. If you are logged in you should be able to crossgrade to the same base package you currently own (looks like Leader’s Library) for free. It will take you to the checkout. I am not seeing any billing info for you in our account and the checkout process will prompt you to fill it in—even though it is a free item.

  86. Thomas,
    I show that you have the KF collection now, so you must have figured it out.

  87. Ross,
    I am sorry. The NIV is free with a crossgrade to a Logos 4 base package that already has an NIV.

  88. Nick,
    It isn’t a download, it is a crossgrade. As it says in the blog post, if you have a Logos 4 base package, you can crossgrade to the same base package you currently own for free. If you have a base package that is older than LE, it is not a crossgrade but an upgrade to KF.
    I hope this helps

  89. Rob,
    See my response to brian_m. Thanks!

  90. This is great and I am updateing after I post this. I was hesitating because I did not want to lose my NIV84 nor my TNIV.

  91. I tried to look at your account but the email address attached to it must not be the one that you used for this comment. If you want to re-comment with your name/or email address in your account I can check it. I promise not to post the comment!
    Thanks David

  92. There doesn’t appear to be billing info on file for you, so it will prompt you to fill that info out. It won’t charge you for the free crossgrade, but it reads all transactions the same and prompts for the information.

  93. Thanks Dave. i appreciate the support.
    It is a pleasure and honor to help our customers get what they need.

  94. I’m trying to get the free NIV upgrade (I have platinum), but it keeps asking for a credit card number when I try to download. Should this be simpler than that?

  95. Gord,
    See my response to Alan. Thanks!