Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges on Pre-Pub!

Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: JudgesOf all the categories of books we feature, commentaries are consistently one of our top sellers. When you stop and consider all of the commentaries that we offer, you want to pay attention to the ones who are regularly strong sellers. The Word Biblical Commentary (59 vols.) has been one of our most popular collections at Logos Bible Software. Time and again, customers have shown us that this set of commentaries is an important place for them to draw biblical insights. For users who have the Word Biblical Commentary (59 vols.) collection, it is helpful to be kept abreast of new additions to the series.

To this end, we wanted to draw attention to the Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges by Trent C. Butler. This commentary on Judges went live on Pre-Pub January 20, 2011. Within a couple hours it had generated half of the revenue needed to move it from Pre-Pub and into production. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to add this commentary to your Word Biblical Commentary collection while it is on Pre-Pub.

The Word Biblical Commentary series is beloved for its balanced insight into the meanings of the text within the structured framework of biblical theology. This even-handed use of the biblical text is what has made this a wildly popular series for everyone from laymen to educators and ministers. The Word Biblical Commentary series starts with a foundation of solid biblical scholarship and builds upon it a meticulous theological understanding.

If you have the Word Biblical Commentary (59 vols.) collection, the only volume you will not have for your set is the Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges by Trent C. Butler. If you do not own any of the Word Biblical Commentary series then the Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges is a great place to start. You can pick it up today at the special Pre-Pub price and—once you realize how invaluable it is—you will soon be picking up the entire set.


  1. Several years ago I purchased Word Biblical Commentary on Cd from you folks. It is now missing volumes 8, 18, 37 and 39. Can these now be purchased separate from Logos? I have not found a way to do that on your website.

  2. Jayson, any idea if the WBC set will be on sale again? I know Dan has offered this before for $399 via forum or coupon code and “the other guys” have a similar set for the same price.

  3. denise barnhart says:

    In your last paragraph, you implied Judges #8 was the only missing volume? Is Acts #37 going to be a no-show or did I misunderstand?

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    Buying vol. 8 Judges doesn’t complete the entire set. Vol 18b of the WBC set is not in the Logos WBC set. So buying volume 8 Judges doesn’t give the entire set.

  5. Mike,
    Thank you for the clarification. I meant that when you purchase Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges and have the Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) (59 vols.) you will have everything available in the WBC available from Logos.
    As soon as Volume 18b is available, I am sure it will be added to our resources as well.

  6. Denise,
    My apologies! It appears that I wasn’t very clear in my intended point. I meant that Vol. 8 was the only missing volume from the collection of what is currently available from Logos. You are correct, there are still some important volumes still in production!

  7. That’s a good question. I don’t know of anything in the works at present, but keep watching . . . you never know.

  8. Charles,
    If you check out the Nelson Word Biblical Commentary site, you will see that 18b, 37, and 39 are still in development. Volume 8 is the one currently in Pre-Pub.

  9. Todd Beall says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks that the prepub price of $39.99 is pretty steep? Amazon sells the print volume for $34.99, and amazon sellers have it new for as low as $17.20.
    $20 would be tempting, but $40 is not. It is certainly not a great “deal.”

  10. Todd,
    Thanks for your question. We try to be very competitive in our pricing strategy. There are a lot of things that get factored into our pricing (publisher requirements, development etc.). We still think that having the Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 8: Judges fully-tagged, fully-linked Logos resource with the Greek and Hebrew text appearing throughout—as well as the Hebrew transliterated—increases the value tremendously.