New Interpreter’s Bible and New Interpreter’s Dictionary Now on Pre-Pub!

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A couple of long-awaited additions—that users have been requesting for years—have recently been included on our Pre-Pub page: The New Interpreter’s Bible (12 vols.) and the New Interpreter’s Dictionary (5 vols.). In the two short weeks since these two collections have hit our Pre-Publication list, they have each gathered nearly half of the interest needed to send them into production. I’m pleased to see such a warm welcome for some of today’s most comprehensive resources for biblical study!

In case these titles are new to you, let me tell you a bit more about each—they are definitely worth a second look:

Deemed “the standard in contemporary biblical studies,” The New Interpreter’s Bible (12 vols.) is composed of a staggering 11,591 pages, penned by top biblical scholars. Not only is this commentary set impressive in girth, its sheer number of illustrations, maps, charts, timelines, and other visual aids add depth of content. Contributors include:

  • Walter Brueggemann
  • Walter C. Kaiser
  • Leander Keck
  • And many others

And, have you ever come across an unknown topic, person, or place in the Bible and wondered “How do I even begin to research this?” The New Interpreter’s Dictionary (5 vols.) provides a fantastic place to gain meticulously researched knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Let the 900 contributing scholars do the work for you as you seek a better understanding of the Word! Edited by Katharine Doob Sakenfeld, this compendium clarifies biblical terms from A to Z.

Ultimately—whether you are a pastor, Bible study leader, or layperson—you’ll find these two collections to be catalysts for deeper Bible study. As 2011 continues to unfold, let the New Interpreter’s volumes illuminate the Scriptures for you.

If you are one of the many people who have asked for these books in Logos format, now is your chance to pre-order! If you are just in the market for two major reference sets—which are fully-tagged, fully-linked Logos resources—look no further. The The New Interpreter’s Bible (12 vols.) and the New Interpreter’s Dictionary (5 vols.) are premier resources that would be an asset to any resource collection.

Today’s guest post is by Bethany Olsen, from the Logos Bible Software marketing team.


  1. You forgot Wright! How could you not mention Wright and his Romans commentary?!?! ;)

  2. This is fantastic! These commentaries are a big asset to the pastor in preaching – They have application and timeless principles! Great set!!!

  3. Clint Elliott says

    I was wondering if this set was baSED on the NIV text or what thanks

  4. This collection looks wonderful. How much are they? Thanks Cathi

  5. Mark Lamas says

    Will purchase for single volumes be available?

  6. Benny Polin says

    Will their be payment plans for the New Interpreters Bible and New Interpreters Dictionary. I do use these resources quite frequently and would love having it on Logos. However, I would definitely need to break the payments into smaller increments.

  7. Dale Durnell says

    Jayson, thanks for providing the info on these outstanding resources in the Blog. In looking through the pre-pubs, I found them quite by accident and thought then that they should be touted in the blog.
    I have been pestering Bill Nienhaus for years to see if we couldn’t get Abingdon Press to work with Logos, and now that we are finally moving that direction it’s great to see that we’re sharing the resources in that partnership with the user community.

  8. Dale,
    It is my pleasure! These are some fantastic resources that need all the attention they can get.

  9. Benny,
    Absolutely! You can definitely use a payment plan on the New Interpreters Bible and New Interpreters Dictionary. Payment Plans are available for any purchase over $29.90. The payment will be as close to $14.95 per month as it can be, by spreading your total purchase over as many months as the plan allows (up to twelve months).

  10. Mark,
    At present, offering these as single volumes isn’t part of our agreement with Abingdon Press. There are no immediate plans to offer them individually.

  11. Cathi,
    The links in the blog post will take you right to the product pages!

  12. Clint,
    From the product description: The full texts and critical notes of the New International Version and the new Revised Standard Version of the Bible are presented for quick reference and comparison
    I hope that helps.

  13. Brandon Hovey says

    What would be better for preaching this commentary set or the Interpreter’s Bible Commentary (also in pre-pub)? I can only buy one.

  14. Brandon Hovey says

    This set looks great but $800 sounds a bit steep for a pre-pub price. The EBE (12 vols also) is $129 and the WBC is $699 (59 vols!), and both of these are out of pre-pub. Why is the NIB so much more?

  15. Brandon,
    I am assuming that you mean Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching (INT) (43 vols.). This is a good question, both of them are big investments.
    Many pastors stand by different commentaries as being more preachable than others based on various criteria. I would suggest really looking into the two and comparing differing reviews before you make your decision.

  16. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, sorry, I meant to write Interpretation Bible Commentary. It seems both pull from the same ilk of scholars. But the Interpretation set seems is larger and perhaps more directed toward preaching. Hard choice.

  17. Brandon,
    Thanks for the question. There are a handful of issues which affect our pricing strategies on various products. These include publisher requirements, production costs, Pre-Pub to Production strategies, etc. Sometimes it isn’t easy to make a direct resource to resource comparison when it comes to pricing.
    I hope this helps,