Logos 4: Shortcuts for the Reference Box

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As you’re working in a versified book (primarily Bibles and commentaries) you’ll find yourself constantly typing Bible verses in its reference box. For example, if you’re in a Bible you can type Ps 23 in the reference box, press the Enter key and jump to that location. Here are a couple of little tricks to help out in that reference box:

  • You can press Ctrl + G (PC) or Cmd + G (Mac) to select all of the text in the reference box. This saves you from having to constantly move the cursor into the box and manually select text.
  • Make sure to use abbreviations: Jn 3:16 or jn3.16 or jn3 16 all will take you to John 3:16.
  • Use a ‘super short’ reference to navigate within the same section of a Bible or commentary. For example, if the reference box contains John 10.2, press Ctrl + G or Cmd + G to select the text, just type 10, and press the Enter key to jump to John 10:10! Type 17.1 to jump to John 17:1.


  1. Donn Heinrich says

    Thanks for these shortcuts. Now to remember them :)

  2. Leroy Holland Jr says

    Is there a place where ALL the shortcuts are available for viewing and remembering?

  3. Leroy,
    You can find all the shortcuts listed here.

  4. ray druckenmiller says

    In the logos 3, there was a panel in the passage guide that provided related illustrations for the passage from the library resourse. Is this available and can it be activated in the Logos 4 when using the passage guide? If so how does one go about to incorporate it into the passage guide?

  5. Thank you Morris,
    These “little tricks” of yours with this awesome Logos Bible software are real time savers for my study time or even just my daily bible reading.
    Be Blessed,
    Pastor Dennis

  6. Hello Leroy,
    Just wanted to let you know, I have a nice mouse pad I purchased from Logos that has all of the most used shortcuts and links right there on my desk. I have to admit though, if it were not for Morris reminding us of them I forget to look….
    Be Blessed,
    Pastor Dennis

  7. Vicki Childress says

    Thank you so much Mr. Proctor.
    It is amazing how something so simple can get me so excited.
    I absolutely love the shortcuts. Again I say “Wow”.

  8. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for the comment an sorry for the delayed response. I was able to find out that although an equivalent is not integrated into Logos 4 quite yet, it is on the list of coming features.