Logos 4: Quickly Open a Commentary

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

A lot of times we find ourselves just casually reading the Bible in Logos. We then come to a verse for which we need a little insight. We don’t want to run an in-depth Passage or Exegetical Guide; we just want to quickly view a commentary for our passage. Here’s how I set up Logos to accomplish this:

  • Open the Bible Knowledge Commentary (BKC)
  • Drag the tab of the BKC to the Shortcuts bar (the area to the right of the Command box)

Notice Logos places an icon of the BKC on the Shortcuts bar. Now when you’re reading in the Bible, click this icon to open the BKC to the same passage you’re reading!

Of course, you can substitute your favorite study Bible or commentary for the BKC. I suggest, however, using a commentary that covers the whole Bible, so it will always open to where you’re reading in the Bible.


  1. Reinier de Blois says

    Nice feature, but how does this work for the WBC? I would have to do this for each separate volume, it seems. Is there a way to have one icon for the entire set? Thanks.

  2. Is it possible to do this with a commentary set? Like the NICOT/NICNT or WBC?

  3. Jeff Lindell says

    Since I prefer commentaries that will interact with the Greek and Hebrew, I dragged a copy of my favorite Bible version to the command bar and I also dragged the Explorer to the command bar too. I’m not exactly [sure] how I stumbled on the Explorer, but I have found it quite handy. When I am reading a passage, the Explorer surfaces all sorts of information for each specific verse that I am reading and that includes my commentaries. Clicking to view on my choice commentaries for that verse is as simply as clicking on the link to it in the Explorer.
    The Explorer also generates a wealth of cross references for reach verse. I can mouse over them to read the verse and click them if I want to go Explore the context. People, places, things and My content related to that particular verse are also listed in the Explorer.

  4. Hi Reinier,
    This works for individual resources only as it serves as a shortcut to specific books you would tend to often use.

  5. Hi Mark,
    It only works for individual resources as it is a shortcut to specific books you would tend to use. Having a single shortcut that opened a complete set would likely open many unneeded resources, slowing down your study.

  6. Great point, Jeff.
    Your comments brings up another aspect of using the Shortcut bar.
    Users can drag anything from the Guides or Tools drop down menus to the Shortcut bar, such as Explorer, Copy Bible Verses, Text Comparison, Pronunciation, Exegetical Guide, etc., as well as individual resources. Really, any tab in a panel can be added to the Shortcut area.