Camp Logos Is Coming to London

Camp Logos: London

Big Ben says it’s time for Camp Logos in London. That’s right – Camp Logos crosses the big pond!

  • When: February 15–16, 2011
  • What: Camp Logos Bible Software Training
  • Where: The Proclamation Trust
    140-148 Borough High Street
    London SE1 1 LB

Since Camp Logos doesn’t make it to the UK that often, we’re adding a feature-packed, optional third day of training on February 17th that will include many of the topics normally covered in Camp Logos 2.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Camp Logos, allow me to explain. As an owner of Logos Bible Software you know how powerful it is. Are you, however, unleashing that power? Most Logos users admit to only using a fraction, perhaps 10%, of the software’s potential. Camp Logos, a two-day, hands-on training seminar, equips you to unlock much of the other 90%. For over 13 years, the authorized Logos trainer, Morris Proctor with MP Seminars, has trained thousands of Logos users at Camp Logos. Pastors, professors, Bible study leaders, housewives, truck-drivers and more have all benefited from Morris’ thorough and practical presentation.

New Logos users state that Morris teaches them more in two days than they could learn in two years on their own. Seasoned Logos users testify they thought they knew the program until they attended Camp Logos.

We want you to experience firsthand the excitement of Camp Logos. So if you’ll be in the London area February 15–16, please register for Camp. If you’re thinking of vacationing in the UK, why not add Camp Logos to your agenda?

For a complete schedule and registration information, click here. And don’t forget to sign up for the additional third day of training which covers many of the features discussed in Camp Logos 2.

Today’s guest post is by David Kitchen, from the MP Seminars.

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  1. Jay Maynard says

    How about doing a session in Canada? I would love to see (and many more I know) you come to Alberta (maybe Calgary or Edmonton). Any chance?

  2. Any chance there will be a seminar in Australia soon?

  3. Mark,
    There doesn’t appear to be when looking at the full schedule. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can definitely contact them. There might be enough interest to put one together.

  4. Jay,
    I bet with the proper interest there is a great chance. You should contact them. Simply got to the website and scroll to the bottom. There is an area there to contact them.

  5. Des Figueiredo says

    Hi. I am thrilled LOGOS is coming to London, UK next month.
    I have only just started using LOGOS and am excited to learn how to get the most out of it.
    Do I need to book in for Day 3 now, or can I reserve judgement after the first 2 days and then decide?
    I just don’t know how much I need to know and if the extra day will be necessary at this stage

  6. That is a great question Des, I have sent an email to MP Seminars and I will contact you as soon as I have a definitive answer.

  7. Des,
    Preferably they would like to know ahead of time. This way they can adequately prepare with the proper amount of materials.
    Here are the topics covered on the third day:

    • Highlighting
    • Passage List
    • Visual Filters
    • Advanced Note Taking
    • Information Panel
    • Sentence Diagramming
    • Parallel Resource Sets

    • Advanced Cross Reference Work