The Return of the 12 Days of Logos Sale!

We received your 12 Days of Logos wish lists (and checked them twice) and with Christmas quickly approaching, we’ve put together 12 specials for you!

The 12 Days of Logos is back with more great offers. Starting December 9 and running through December 20, we’ll be posting a new deal every day on Each day, there will be something new, and the offer will last for 24 hours. So you’ll have to act fast to grab it! With some titles going for up to 80% off, you’ll want to check the site every day to get the latest offer!

We’re giving you a one-day warning to get ready for all the great deals, but we can’t let today pass without offering another great deal. So to kick-off the 12 Days of Logos, we’re offering a two-for-one kind of deal today—a one-year subscription to Bible Study Magazine plus a print copy of Lee Strobel’s book The Unexpected Adventure for only $19.95. Yes, we know we’re an electronic publisher, but we decided to offer the print book so you’d have the option of enjoying it yourself or giving it away! Or, if you’re already a subscriber to Bible Study Magazine, buy a gift subscription and keep the book.

Be sure to visit each day to see the daily special. Since these offers only last for 24 hours, subscribe to the RSS feed or sign-up for daily reminders so you don’t miss a single day!



  1. Bob Baker says:

    I have been with Logos for over a decade. I have upgraded with each new program that came along.
    I really dislike Logos 4.
    I pay for the program and now I am bombarded with comercials. They continually market to me and I can’t stand it anymore!
    I have to go online for full function.
    This is a wrong direction in my opinion.
    Robert Baker

  2. David Adams says:

    I don’t necessarily want to defend Logos, but you do realize (I hope) that you have the option to (1) turn off the kinds of messages that you do not want to see, or (2) turn off the home page entirely so that you do not see anything except your chosen layout(s). You can do either by going to the customize button in the lower left corner of the home page and checking/unchecking the appropriate boxes to indicate the content that you want to see (or block), or by de-selecting the “show home page at startup” box.
    As for having to “go online for full function,” there are very few functions other than updates and downloading resources that require you to be connected to the Internet. You can use virtually all the features of the program without being connected. I have used it for weeks at a time in countries where I had no Internet connections, and never found a problem doing the things that I needed to do.
    – DLA

  3. My experience is far different (though I appreciate how you feel – we all have our preferences). I think Logos 4 is the best thing since the the wooden abacus. I loved earlier versions, and I still have Logos 3 installed on a NetBook that I use at coffee shops. Sometimes, I make notes to research something further when I get back to the office – and not just because my computer screen is bigger there. I just love the way Logos 4 works, searches, looks & feels, etc.

  4. I cannnot speak for anyone but myself. I love Logos 4. I have had the other version for 5 years and I only used it when I had to. It was complicated and hard to navigate. You needed to take courses just to understand how it was interactive. This new version is almost automatic, references to your subject will pop up in another window, this is an awesome version and I am glad to have. Before this new version I would use another Bible software because of its ease of use. When I need information, I need it now, I don’t need to become so involved with the software that I forget or lose interest in what I am actually looking for.

  5. Do you plan on upgrading the Mac version too in Logos 4?

  6. Bob,
    I don’t get it. You’re upset because they keep adding available new books to add to your resources? I love knowing that my options are expanding.
    But as David told you, you can shut off absolutely all info about new improvements and the internet and just work without them. You just lose all the new improvements.
    My profound thanks to those who developed Logos 4. Took me awhile to get up to speed with the new version. But I would never ever go back. Way to go!

  7. Richie,
    The latest Mac update is 4.0b SR-1. We are working on achieving system parity in updates soon.