Logos iPhone Bible App Version 1.5 Released

Version 1.pngIt has been a little over a year since we launched the Logos Bible Software iPhone app, and we are still finding ways to make a great app an even better Bible study tool!

The latest update to the app is available for you to download today. The update, version 1.5, includes some great enhancements like:

  • Footnotes available offline
  • Automatic book update notification
  • Increased performance when resources are downloaded
  • Most links between books now available offline if the specific books are downloaded
  • Full table of contents for books with many entries
  • Reading plan end markers link to the next reading
  • Text comparison now uses the book you came from as the base for comparison
  • Support for Chinese text display

In addition to these updates, we have improved upon the rendering of offline resources: now tables and interlinear displays will be appear more accurately in your downloaded books. After updating, make sure to download your offline books again. (The app will prompt you to.)

Version 1.5 improves upon an already phenomenal app. Now even without internet access, you will have all the tools you need to take your Bible study on the go.

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  1. Can’t wait for the Windows Phone 7 app!

  2. Come on Android release!!!!!

  3. The App is great! The BIGGEST thing for me, however, still missing is the General Notes that you (the user) have recorded and saved for any number of Bible verses or in a particular book — the equivalent of your “margin notes” scribbled in a typical book. It would be GREAT to have these available on the go! And not have to lug your laptop around to pull them up.
    Is this a likely update anytime soon? I’m guessing I am not alone here…
    It would be additionally great, too, if highlights and text mark-ups showed on-screen too… but I’ll take General Notes over this! :)

  4. Stephen Jennings says

    Nor can I – there’s too little available for Windows Phone, and what is there is not a patch on Logos!!