Logos 4: Work Offline

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Occasionally I’m asked, especially from people living in rural area without hi-speed internet access, Do I have to be online to use Logos Bible Software 4?

To clear up any confusion, the answer is no. All of your resources and files are housed on your local hard drive. You can work offline as much as you want. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Set Use Internet to No

You’re now preventing Logos from accessing the internet. Of course, go back and set Use Internet to Yes in order for Logos to synchronize (backup) all of your files (notes, documents, and preferences) with the Logos server.


  1. Timothy Simmons says

    I hope this is not a silly question, but I am wondering what the point would be to turn ‘Use Internet’ to No, other than for the stated purpose of working offline. Won’t the program ‘know’ that it is offline, and not bother ‘reaching out’ even when this is set to ‘Yes’? I am usually always connected to the net so I am unfamiliar with how the program acts without Internet access. What is the advantage of this action? Thank you.

  2. I use Logos on my laptop and what happens if I lose my hard drive and all my files. Am I able to reload Logos to a new computer from Logos server?
    Thanks, Loys

  3. Richard Murphy says

    Thank you for all the pointers; they really do help!

  4. Hi Loys,
    Thanks for the comment. As long as you are allowing Logos to connect to the internet, you will not lose any of your files. Simply reinstall Logos and your user files will be restored.

  5. Shalom Loys,
    I can testify that you will not lose a thing! I did a complete clean install of the new Windows7 and afterwards began to panic. I had valuable notes in my Logos4.
    Upon doing a re-install of the software, ALL MY NOTES WERE THERE!! Plus additional updates!

  6. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the comment. One of the more noticeable differences while studying offline will appear while running a Passage Guide report. Sections within the Passage Guide such as PowerPointSermons.com, SermonAudio.com, and Sermons.Logos.com all search for and return content from outside of Logos, so studying offline will not return content related to your study from these sources.
    Update: I may not have answered your question fully. There is no added benefit to working offline if you do not have internet connection anyway. The difference comes when you do have internet and choose you work offline. Doing so will allow reports to fun faster if the content mentioned above is of no interest for your study. Just remember to set it back to Yes so your user files get backed-up to our server.

  7. Loys Gentry says

    Thanks for your help.
    My original Logos was a download I don’t have any disks. Can I still download if needed?

  8. Yes. The free download of the Windows version of the core Logos 4 engine is available from http://downloads.logos.com/LBS4/Installer/Logos4Setup.exe. A free download of the latest version of the core Logos 4 Mac engine is available from http://downloads.logos.com/LBS4/LBS4MacInstaller/Logos4Mac.dmg.

  9. Pamela Purdin says

    Don’t you find it a bit odd that in order to “learn” how to work off line, yoou have to be on line?

  10. since I upgraded to Logos 4 passage studies result in topic results that only show one resource all the time when in the previous versions I got multiple resources in the topic results

  11. I downloaded the new version 4 but still have the previous version on my computer. Can I delete the old version or does the new use it as well?

  12. Hi Jim,
    I don’t think I understand enough from your comment to make an adequate suggestion. For assistance, please contact Customer Service at 800-875-6467 or by emailing them at customerservice@logos.com.

  13. Keith Rutherford says

    Thank you for the information. Once again your comments are priceless. CORAM DEO

  14. Hi Logos Great Software and page layout, I am sure this product will help me with my teaching.

  15. Trina,
    I am guessing that by “previous version,” you mean Logos 3, correct? If so, then yes, you can go ahead and delete the old version. If you have user files such as notes, be sure you transfer them to Logos 4 first.
    See this blog post for help:
    Logos 4: Importing Notes and User-Created Content from LDLS3

  16. Kenneth C. Senes says

    In regard to Trina’s question of December 14th, 2010, regarding Logos Version 3, “I downloaded the new version 4 but still have the previous version on my computer. Can I delete the old version or does the new use it as well?”, you stated, “go ahead and delete the old version. If you have user files such as notes, be sure you transfer them to Logos 4 first.”
    My question is similar but a little different from Trina’s. Some of the programs I have on Version 3 are either incomplete or do not work when opened in Version 4, i.e., The First Hebrew Primer, Wallbuilders (particularly the video portion). When I want to use one of these programs I open up Version 3 (Libronix). Is there, indeed, a way to use both of the aforementioned programs on Logos 4 or should I continue to keep both Version 3 and 4 on my computer so that I’m able to access (via Libronix) both THE FIRST HEBREW PRIMER and WALLBUILDERS to their fullest capability?

  17. Ken,
    To get the most out of those particular resources, I would suggest continuing to use Logos 3 alongside Logos 4 for now. The book files for each of those are accessible in Logos 4 as you may know, so unless you want to access the media content, you shouldn’t need to use Logos 3. Hope that clarifies things for you.

  18. Ian Stanley says

    I can testify to that as well. I recently replaced a laptop with a netbook [1] as my primary study tool (for convenience and portability)
    I downloaded the logos 4 client software and installed. The software then did an update and pulled down the over 1100 books in my library.
    [1] For those of you wondering how it runs on a netbook … I have a toshiba nb250 upgraded to 2gb ram (DDR3 memory 3x faster than most netbooks support) Runs fine though I do make use of different layouts depending on the passage I study and do not run office at the same time if I have loads of books open

  19. I like to use William Barclay’s “The Daily Study Bible Series.” Do you have this in your collection, if not will you be getting it in the future?
    Thank You

  20. Hi James,
    The New Daily Study Bible: New Testament (DSB) (17 vols.) is actually making its way through our Pre-Pub process right now, which means it’s available at a great price.

  21. Big question I have, is when I start my Logos installation ( I have a dual core 2.0ghz amd athlon laptop ( x2m300 proc ), logos takes a really long time to start. What is it doing when it is starting? and is the internet connection the reason why it is taking a while to start? I’ve been leaving it run all the time ( as I hibernate my laptop ) to keep from firing up logos again.