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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

A Logos user recently e-mailed me this question: How can I find all of the “obedience” words in the Bible like, obey, obedience, obeyed, obedient, etc?

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Click the Search icon to open the Search panel
  • Select Bible as the search type
  • Select the desired range and Bible(s) to search from the drop down lists
  • Type this in the Find box: obe*
  • Press the Enter key to initiate the search

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard representing any number of characters. So you’re searching for all the words beginning with obe followed by anything. This search finds the obedience family along with Obed as well. To remove Obed from the search type this:

obe* ANDNOT obed

As you can see, this wildcard search comes in handy when you’re looking for similar word forms at the same time!


  1. Fasil Ketema says

    So far the seminar and training videos you have is only for PC users. When are we going to see training video for Mac users or is it in the making?

  2. Rory Lennox says

    I often would like to search the Septuagint when I am looking for a word or phrase from Scripture. I am a little vague on how to accomplish that feat. I can do it separately but would like to see the results all in one place.

  3. Hi Fasil,
    In addition to the many free Logos 4 Mac training videos on our videos page, here are some Logos 4 Mac training resources you many be interested in:
    Video Tutorials: Logos Bible Software 4
    Logos Bible Software for Mac Training Manual: Volume 1
    Logos Bible Software for Mac Training Manual: Volume 2

  4. how do I search a strong’s number? Can I search to see how each number when used in the Bible is translated?

  5. Hi Deidre,
    Thanks for the comment. Please the the Logos Forum article which answers this question:

  6. Hi Rory,
    Thanks for the comment. There are sometimes a few ways to do a particular task. I am not sure how you are doing your search, but give this a try:
    Run a Bible Word Study search for your Greek word by typing g:yourgreekword in the search box. (See how to do such a search, watch the video: Faster Searching – Greek NT.)
    One of the sections that should appear in the result list is Textual Searches. Click LXX to see the results for your word.

  7. Luis Cortez says

    I do have this logos 4 software, My question is: when you will give a trainnig in Miami of other city in the Florida Estate.

  8. I remember reading that Logos automatically searches all forms of a word unless you specify (I forget how) not to. How does this feature fit in with today’s tip of using the wildcard * character? I did try the search for obey and the other forms of that word did not seem to be returned in the result set, so maybe my memory is wrong.

  9. Searches in Logos has always seemed complicated to me. Is there a way to do a Bible search for a verse(s) that has two words in it, e.g., faith and truth? I do not find the ‘within’, ‘Before’, ‘Near’, etc., accomplices for verse only. I use my Online Bible program to do these kinds of searches quickly, but there should be a way to do this in Logos. (To find words in any combination within a verse.)
    I know that there is probably an easy way to do this.

  10. Hi Luis,
    There is a Camp Logos scheduled for late January in the Orlando, FL area. Since the Orlando camp is relatively close to Miami, I wouldn’t count on one coming closer to you any time soon, so if you can, I suggest trying to attend Camp Logos in Orlando. Having said that, keep an on our Camp Logos calendar as it is updated frequently.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Morris Proctor Seminars at 1-877-237-3168 or visit http://www.mpseminars.com.

  11. Hi Andrew,
    Doing a Bible search for obey should return other forms of the word. Use the following setting to see if you get different results:
    Search All Bible Text in New Testament in English Standard Version for:
    In the search box, type: obey
    Doing so, I get: 33 results in 32 verses. My results include obey, obeyed, and obeying.
    Changing the search to a wildcard search using obe*, I then get 55 results in 51 verses for Obed, obey, obedient, obedience, obeyed, and obeying.

  12. Hi George,
    I am glad you are asking this question, because yes, Logos can do these types of searches. In order to accomplish your particular search, you will want to type exactly this into the search box (note that search operators must be UPPERCASE):
    faith AND truth
    This search will return all verses that contain both faith and truth, regardless of their order or distance from one another. You can learn about other operators in this wiki article: Search HELP

  13. Is there going to be a Logos 1 training class in St. Louis in 2011?

  14. In light of all these good questions, is there one location within Logos (or perhaps online) where I can find out all the boolean search features (e.g., AND, OR, NOT, g:, etc)? Moreover, how does one search for a Greek phrase or for Greek two terms found in the same verse (using the AND operator?).

  15. Paul,
    Check out this article for a list of search operators:
    As for doing a search for two Greek terms, do a lemma query for each term, then add AND in between the two, such as: AND
    This would return verses with “truth” AND “faith.”

  16. Hi Stratman,
    The best way to find out if there is going to be a Camp Logos in St. Louis is to email mp|Seminars at info@mpseminars.com.
    New dates are regularly adding new locations to the calendar, so check it frequently. And if you really want to see Camp Logos come to St. Louis in 2011, when you email mp|Seminars, let them know if you are interested in hosting an event!