Stay on Budget with Logos Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Today’s guest post is by Ryan Rotz, from the Logos Bible Software marketing team.

We understand that churches are on a tight budget. Pastors often have a fixed amount they can spend on books every month, which makes any large purchase seem daunting.

And let’s not forget the students. School is expensive and big-ticket items, however essential, are often out of reach.

When it comes to large purchases from Logos, Payment Plans can help to solve this problem. Instead of paying the full price up front, you can pay a fraction of the cost every month for up to a year. The plan applies to all purchases over $29.90 (tax and shipping included).

This is a great opportunity to purchase one of those collections you have had your eye on, or even invest in a new Logos 4 Base Package!

In the long run, purchasing a larger package—like the best-selling Platinum—is a huge savings when compared to buying books individually or even buying a smaller package with a plan to upgrade later.

Am I charged interest?

The Payment Plan is interest-free, with only a $5 monthly administrative fee (collected to cover the costs of processing reoccurring payments). We don’t expect to make any profit on it and offer it purely as a service to our customers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Consider these words from Alen, a Logos Payment Plan user:

I have used the Payment Plan to purchase my initial Scholar Library package, and once again with the upgrade to the Gold edition. I think $5 a month is not even worth worrying about considering when you get something like the Scholar Gold package at $1400 and you paid that over 12 months with $60 worth of administration fees it works out to being less than 5% of the total cost of the product. . . .Thanks guys for this option. It has helped me greatly and perhaps more so in the future.

To take advantage of the payment plan, simply select the payment plan option during the final step of checkout, enter your phone number, and select the number of payments you’d like to make. It is that simple.

To make it even easier on your wallet, we are still offering 20% off of all base packages for a limited time so order today!


  1. Just a question: I’m already on the payment plan and I tried to add some resources to it, but I was told my purchase needed to be over $100.00 in order for me to add it to the payment plan. I’ve been told this on 2 ocassions (one last year and another 2 days ago), so I was wondering on the “It applies to all purchases over $29.90 (tax and shipping included).” Anyway, no big deal, the bundle I wanted will be sold separately soon, so I’ll just get the one I’m interested on and pay cash on it…I was just wondering on the ” $29.90 limit” placed. Alright, have a great day!

  2. Eric Fary says:

    Highly recommend this. If you can plan out a payment option that fits your budget, this is an eternal investment.!!!

  3. Kevin Greene says:

    Oh Yes! The payment plan allowed me to purchase the Scholars Ed. and I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise! I hope to use it again

  4. Douglas,
    Great question! We do require a minimum purchase of $29.90 for someone to be eligible for the Payment Plan option. However, to add to an existing Payment Plan we require a $100 purchase. This way a 12 month payment plan can’t be stretched out with small purchases indefinitely which adds to our processing costs.

  5. Thanks Mr. Jayson,
    I figured it would be something like that. Now, what if I just wanted to add a resource that would bring my monthly payment up a little without having to stretch it out with more months – would that be acceptable?
    By the way, I replied to your e-mail before I read the blog, so don’t worry, you already answered the question. Thanks!

  6. Can the payment plan be used for pre-pub items like the “Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) (44 vols.)”? This is a very expensive item for my budget. Also, it will not be completed until 2019. By God’s grace, I hope I’ll still be around to use it by then.

  7. Bryan Turley says:

    This is a great way to expand one’s library. I have Platinum and purchased it this way…now paid for but I have almost 2000 book strong library and been able to due it through the purchase plan over the years. Thanks Logos for making this possible.

  8. Fred,
    We do not do Payment Plans for Pre-Pub items. In the case of the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) (44 vols.), we will be making a special—once in a lifetime—exception to this rule. We are considering options for Payment Plans for the EEC and will be making an announcement early next year!

  9. Eric Fary says:

    That would be a huge help!!!

  10. Valerie Rogers says:

    Are there plans in the making to make Logos available for Blackberrys and other tablets besides iPads?

  11. Check out our app page to see what is available (and what may be coming).