Build Your Own Collection for Christmas

We are so excited about the Logos Christmas Sale! We are offering some insane deals. The values begin with a collection of 125 books at $2.40 a title and culminate in the Christmas 2010 Master Collection, featuring 2,010 titles, worth more than $61,000.00 in print, at $1 a title! It is the largest collection we have ever offered, and at nearly 97% off of retail. These collections need to be seen to be appreciated.

But the values don’t end there!

We have made every title in the Christmas Master Collection available individually* at 50% off! This means that you can get a great deal on a couple of new resources or create your own special collection, tailor made—just for you. Choose as many as you want; there is no limit.

Don’t forget, any purchase over $29.90 qualifies for the Logos Payment Plan. So put together that dream collection and take advantage of the interest free Payment Plan to spread those payments out.

Pick up great deals like:

If you are on a modest budget or just want to be more selective, make sure to check out the individual* titles we have on sale. There are no coupon codes required—simply add them to your cart and check out.

*Not every single title is available on its own. For the titles in the Christmas 2010 Master Collection that are not available individually, we have discounted the the collections they normally appear in by 50%!


  1. Thanks a lot for this great deal. I need to know the title of those books not available individually, so that I can make a decision before purchasing. Kindly give me the list of titles in the Christmas 2010 Master Collection that are not available individually.

  2. Awesome!
    Any way of adding a few extra options in the payment plan? For example, if I could pay $100 a month on the 2010 collection, I’d definitely get it!
    Also, any way of finding out what collections have been discounted?

  3. And also, is there any way to account for titles we already own?
    For example, I have the first three volumes of the Christmas Special from a few years back, and many of those show up in the 2010 collection.
    Would that affect the final price?

  4. Steve Maling says:

    As one who usually (but not quite always) prefers to buy individual titles, I am VERY grateful for the “Build Your Own” 50% discount. Thank you very much:-)

  5. Greg,
    Phil addressed this in his initial blog post. It is FAQ #1 towards the bottom.
    Phil also addressed the question of pricing in FAQ #2.
    Hope that helps!

  6. David Snyman says:

    Wow what a temptation!! Thanks!!! How long does the sale run?

  7. David,
    The sale goes through Midnight, January 2, 2011.

  8. Anthony Ang says:

    How do I avoid ordering from the Christmas sale what may already be in my library?
    What is a good way to check?
    May the joy of Christmas be with you in overflowing measure.