Training Resources from Morris Proctor


If you are a regular reader of the Logos blog you know that Monday is typically set aside for Morris Proctor’s training posts. Morris Proctor is the certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. His blog posts are a regular feature, giving insight into getting the most out of Logos 4.

If you look over the last couple of weeks you will find great training tips like:

This is just the beginning of the training that is made available weekly at

In addition to these weekly tips, Morris also leads Camp Logos training seminars around the country. These two-day training sessions in using Logos 4 for Bible study have been a valuable resource for equipping even the most seasoned Logos 4 users. Logos forum MVP, Thomas Black, shared with Logos blog readers just how much he got out of the Camp Logos seminar.

Check the schedule for a listing of upcoming Camp Logos events near you, or join us for “National Camp Logos,” held in Bellingham, Washington, each summer. Next year’s National Camp Logos will be held June 9-10, 2011. If you can make it, you can also enjoy a tour of Logos!

Camp Logos is not the only way to receive training in Logos 4. Morris Proctor also has a number of great resources available from Logos Bible Software.

Make sure you are getting the most out of Logos 4 with these valuable training tools!


  1. Frank DiPronio says

    Some of the tips are not Apple Computer friendly. Would be helpful if the tips could be “translated” for Logos for Mac.

  2. I purchased Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manuals: Volume 1 & 2. These training manuals have been a great help. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or advance user, you will get a lot of tips and tricks in using Logos 4. It has definitely helped greatly in my Bible Study. I can’t wait to do bible study. Features that I use a great deal are passage guide, word study, lookup, explorer, information, collections, note taking, bibical people, places and things thanks to these training manuals. I could go on and on, but I will spare you. I am hoping once the training comes to my city, I will be able to attend. Hopefully this post will help someone enhance his or her study of the Word.

  3. Frank,
    We have Mac-specific training manuals from Morris Proctor on order. We’ll post them on as soon as they are available so check back soon.

  4. I wrote a review of Morris Proctor’s Inductive Bible Study Manual on Thomas Black’s You can see it here:
    I’m also planning a review on the I-Beam Manual when time permits. It was wonderful as well!