The New 10 Features You Won’t Want to Miss

This week we revealed a complete redesign of The design includes lots of aesthetic updates and new functionality, plus lots of improvements under the hood that have laid the groundwork for future features.

We made thousands of updates. Here’s a quick roundup of the 10 new features we think you’ll like the most:

Faceted Browsing

1. Faceted Browsing

Faceted browsing is the feature we’re the most excited about. Instead of picking just a single product category to look at, faceted browsing lets you stack multiple categories, or facets, together. Mix and match your categories to get very precise results.

Before, you could only select one product category, like “commentaries.” But now, you can see all commentaries on Romans published by Baker and available on the iPhone.

With faceted browsing, you can:

These are just a few possible facets. There are an infinite number of combinations you can use to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Improved Searching

There are now more than 12,000 books available for Logos Bible Software, and the time has come to upgrade the search engine to help you find the ones you’re looking for. We’ve added lots of functionality under the hood to make your searches faster and more accurate.

3. Updated Design and User Interface

We have made substantial changes to the look and feel of the website. These changes include updates to colors, fonts, layouts, and more. We’ve paid attention to every pixel, striving to make the minor details aesthetically pleasing and the website easier on the eyes.

Getting around the site has never been easier. You’ll find well-structured navigation and better menus. In fact, you can get just about anywhere on the site in just a couple clicks.

4. Smart Messages

With the new design, displays more content that’s relevant to you, and less content that isn’t. For example, if you’ve never visited the Pre-Pub page before, you’ll see a message that introduces you to the program. But if you’re a seasoned Pre-Pubber, then we’ll assume you know what you’re doing. Once you choose not to see it, you won’t see it again (this will be automated soon). This is just one example of targeted content across the site—some of which you might notice, but most of which you probably won’t.

5. Recommended Collections

The new tells you when a book you’re looking at is part of a larger collection. Big collections generally give you a better value per volume than buying books individually, so it’s usually a better idea to buy collections rather than individual books.

Many of our users regularly buy books, only to find out later they could have gotten a better deal had they gotten it as part of a collection. The new website makes these collections more prominent, so you never miss out on getting a better deal when you buy your book as part of a collection.

For example, let’s say you’re thinking of getting the Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament for $59.99. The new tells you that you could get it as part of the 14-volume Baker Hermeneutics Collection, which is on sale for $329.95. At 14 volumes, that’s $23.57 per book—a big savings instead of the $59.99 you would pay for it individually. Now you’ll always know if the book you’re looking at is a better value as part of a collection.

6. Never Buy a Book You Already Own

Have you ever purchased a book, only to find out that you already own it? It’s easy to lose track of what you own, especially if you have a large library. We hear from users all the time who buy a book, only to discover later that it’s already in their library.

We’ve incorporated this feedback into the redesign by graying out the Add to Cart button for any product you already own. When you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see a note telling you that you already own the book. (We’re still testing this feature, so let us know what you think.)

Please note that we are in the early stages of developing this feature. It’s not quite perfect—and we’re improving it—but we hope you find it useful.

7. Grid View and List View

The new design gives you more options for how you view product lists. View your products by list view or grid. And the product pages are only a click away.

8. New Sorting

The new design introduces several new sorting options. Now you can sort your products by bestselling, newest, oldest, savings, price, and title. On the Pre-Pub page, you can also sort by progress and by ship date.

9. Social Integration

Share your favorite books with your friends! Just go to your favorite book and click “Like” to share it with your friends. Spread the news about the latest book by sharing it on Twitter. Send an email to your pastor with a book recommendation. Sharing your favorite books has never been easier!

This is also a great way to get Pre-Pubs to make it into production more quickly, and it’s also a way drive down the price on Community Pricing titles by attracting more bids.

10. Lots More . . .

If you’ve spent only a few minutes on, you know things are different. It looks and feels different. It’s sleek and fast.

The amazing thing is that there’s a lot more coming—a whole lot more, in fact. Even with all the changes, most of the work redesigning actually happened under the hood. We spent much of our time building the infrastructure for all the new features and functionality we plan to add in the future. So far, you’ve only seen phase one—the phase that paves the way for a robust website that can handle all the cool features you’ve been requesting over the years.

20% Off Base Packages

We’re celebrating the new website with a 20% off sale on all Logos 4 base packages. Use coupon code REDESIGN at checkout to get the discount.

Upgrades are discounted, too! Visit the custom upgrade discount calculator to see what discounts you qualify for.

So What Do You Think?

The new was built based on your direct feedback, and we’d love to know what you think.

What do you like? What don’t you like? What’s your favorite part? What should we do next? What haven’t we thought of yet?

Tell us what you think by leaving a note on our Facebook page. We are monitoring all the comments posted there, and all your suggestions will be logged and evaluated—and they will help us prioritize future phases of the redesign.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to to see the new design!

You should follow us on Twitter here.


  1. Dale Durnell says

    You asked what we thought of you helping us not buy books we already own. As one who has done that, on several occasions, I can simply say “it’s about time” ;-). Thanks for taking care of us (or helping us take care of ourselves.

  2. Andy Anderson says

    Nicely done! The website is going to make it even more fun in expanding my library! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Clive Lindo says

    Can you build in a sermon builing component in the software so that you can prepare sermons and topical presentations and studies straight from logos withot cutting and pasting or even if you have to you do not have to leave logos. Helpful hints etc included. This component should be compatible with making presentations preparing teaching lessons and writing papers etc. If this is already available where can I find the tutorial for this very valuable information?

  4. André van der Leij says

    I like the idea of helping us not buying books we already own. But would it not be possible, instead of making it grey, to mention ‘you already own [titls]. The reason I’m thinking this, is that I’m wondering what happens if I look at a commentary series, let’s say the WBC, which I own, but now there’s a new title in it. Because of the one new title, it might not show that I have this series, while actually I only need 1 title of the 58 volumes.

  5. Carlo Favetta says

    I’m really looking forward to support for Android devices. Thanks!

  6. Dave Wilson says

    6. Never Buy a Book You Already Own :
    Works on some pages – like the “Pre-Pubs Specials” page.
    Does NOT seem to work on the “Hot Deals” page, where no already ordered Pre-Pubs are greyed out.
    Partially works on “Collections” page but does not seem to recognize concepts like EBC being purchased as part of the larger Zondervan bundle, also seems to be incomplete with respect to WBC, Pulpit Commentary, Preachers Commentary, Boice, BECNT etc

  7. Nice new look, but two pre-pubs I am looking for have taken a step backwards. Under development for nearly a year, the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth in the Anchor / Yale series) was supposed to be released two weeks ago, now the status have moved backwards to under development. I received email notification in early September it would be releases and it still isn’t out. What’s going on?

  8. This all looks fantastic! Lots of new bells and whistles to keep the techies happy. Now, how about adding a PRINT feature to the program so we can use the notes we make to prepare teachings and sermons.

  9. Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell says

    Hey! I just tried out ordering a book I already own just to see what it would do (yes, I’m one of those! :-), but I didn’t actually notice the little pop-up so I would have gone right through the whole process… is there a way for you guys to bring this up more prominently, and to continue bringing it up while the person is ordering (i.e. if you click “add to cart”, bring up another notice that says “CAUTION! You already own this product! Are you sure you wish to continue?”
    So it’s a great thing you’ve done, my feedback would be to make it jump out more.
    Keep up the good work, kids! God bless!

  10. Carlo pointed it out, but you didn’t mention the new Android support!
    The site looks great and as the new (and still coming new) features get perfected it’s going to be phenomenal.
    Great going.

  11. Mark Leslie says

    This is a very nice update. I hope we are about to get a wishlist feature to our account. When I find books I want, I have to store them in the Shopping cart and then use another browser when I need to purchase things. Thanks for a great Bible program. No other program even comes close. It’s the most affordable research assistant I can have.

  12. Dee Hawes, Sr. says

    I hope you are able to come up with a good fix or application that will help those of us who have large libraies from purchasing duplicate books.

  13. Barry Darnell - Pastor says

    I have had Logos for about 12 years and this is so much better
    than anything else I’ve seen. Thank you all for the effort.

  14. Alan Cassady says

    In addition to wish list how about a gift certificate and/or gift card program — Christmas is coming!

  15. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is a feature we hope to add to the website eventually.

  16. Kent Hendricks says

    On the new site, the “Add to Cart” button is in gray for any book you already own.
    We are in the early stages of developing this feature. It’s not quite perfect—and we’re improving it—but we hope you find it useful.

  17. Kent Hendricks says

    This is a feature we hope to add to the website eventually.

  18. Kent Hendricks says

    Check out Logos for Android.

  19. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’re still in the early stages of implementing this feature. We’re still tweaking the design a little to make it more useful for our users.

  20. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for your suggestions. In the meantime, have you tried using the Handouts feature in Logos 4?

  21. Kent Hendricks says

    We are waiting for the publisher to approve a few things before we can ship this. We are working hard to ship it as soon as possible, and we apologize for the delay.

  22. Same desire here. Wishlist would be great for two uses: store stuff I want to buy for myself, but more importantly, provide a way so people can give me stuff for Christmas ;-)
    I.e., it needs to be more than an online bookmark feature, it should be possible to buy stuff off a public wishlist with the license assigned to another person’s account at the selected time.

  23. When do you plan to put something out for the Droid?