Logos Bible Software BlackBerry Launcher for Biblia.com

Biblia.comBlackBerry users, there is now an easier way to access Biblia.com! Now you can use the free Bible study tools or access many resources from your Logos 4 base package quickly and effeciently. We have created a Biblia.com launcher which utilizes our distinguishable Logos icon—giving you one-click access to Bible study on your BlackBerry. Take a moment to add the launcher icon to your home screen now.

Using your BlackBerry’s web browser, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Biblia.comThe Biblia.com launcher will now be in your Downloads folder. You can then move it to the location you prefer.

Now, I realize the next question will probably be, “When is Logos planning to have a full BlackBerry App?”

At this time we do not have any immediate plans to release one, athough it isn’t out of the question. (See the Logos Forums for Logos BlackBerry App discussions.) You can, however, immediately access thirty free Bibles, dictionaries, and commentaries. You can then unlock thirty-one additional resources by signing up for a free account.

If you’re a Logos user, many of your base package resources will automatically be available through Biblia.com. Simply sign in using your Logos.com account information and check the Library.

[Note: Not all titles available in our base packages are currently available via Logos apps. Don’t own a Logos 4 base package? Get 20% off now in celebration of our Logos.com redesign! Use coupon code REDESIGN during checkout.]

Logos Apps—iPhone, iPad, Web

Mobile devices are here to stay, so as a leader in delivering digital content, we are continually developing ways for Logos users to access content while on the go. Take a moment to visit our apps page for related content, then, be sure to bookmark the page and check back frequently as this will be the place we provide all app related information, including content about any future Logos BlackBerry App.


  1. Nigel Stevenson says

    any thoughts on something for windows mobile?

  2. Thanks for the biblia link for us Blackberry users…I can’t wait for the android app, though.

  3. Blackberry? You’ve got to be kidding! Android market share is skyrocketing, while RIM is struggling to stay afloat. I believe Logos made a mistake on this one. too bad we don’t have a dedicated app for android to at least read our Bible offline.

  4. By the way, how come to comment “anonymously” your name and email address are required? I don’t have an issue with it per se, I just wanted to save time (actually, I tried to log in, but the blog software rejected my logos login and password that work on all of other logos sites)
    Vladimir Lukyanov

  5. As a Blackberry user with Android envy: THANK YOU!

  6. Hi Vladimir,
    We haven’t forgotten Android users. Look here: Logos for Android

  7. Requiring that information is just one layer of protection in order to deter spam commenting. : )

  8. You are welcome. Enjoy!

  9. This is great! Hope to continue seeing improvements to the Blackberry app site but this will definetly help

  10. Josue Rodriguez says

    WebOS Please!!!

  11. Andy Anderson says

    Great job guys! Download went great, and I am able to access my favorite author’s books, on my Blackberry! It takes time and money to create these wonderful services that you are providing us. These mobile device applications are above and beyond what we have purchased in the packages and collections of books for our libraries. I am very grateful to you and the team at Logos! Thank you very very much!

  12. Gerald Branch says

    Thanks, Logos! Blackberry is still my favorite, and the Logos launcher is great.

  13. This is awesome. Due to my needing to keep synced with my work calendar and the like, I am for the present stuck using a Blackberry. It is great to now have the word in my palm as well as in my heart.

  14. Was very excited about this and immediately installed. I am a blackberry fan and would like to see this app provide some more functionality like;
    -Options which would allow me to customize
    -Daily Reading devotionals are not current, each day, each one I have to type in the date versus going directly to TODAY
    -Feed content
    -Bible Selection
    -Automatic scrolling
    looking forward to the updates!

  15. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for the functionality suggestions. We’ll keep them in mind if we start moving forward with a BlackBerry app. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the Bibla.com launcher.

  16. Cynthia Webber says

    Please develop a full Blackberry App! I use my personal Blackberry for work and I would love to study with Logos on the go!

  17. Juan Singh says

    Biblia.com is a good start for Blackberry, but I would like to have a full version on my blackberry. Do not forget RIM is launching a tablet too!!

  18. Rev D.P. Beaumont says

    Thank you this has just lightened my load of things to carry. Waaahooo

  19. Excelente contar con mi biblioteca logos en mi blackberry!!!