Logos 4: Linking

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Think back with me to the "old days" when we primarily studied with print books. Quite often we had a Bible and commentary open at the same time. When we turned the pages in the Bible, of course we did the same for the commentary so it would keep up with our study of a passage. Those days are over because Logos Bible Software 4 turns the pages for us. Here’s what I mean:

  • Open a Bible and commentary onto the screen
  • Click the panel menu in the upper left hand corner of each resource
  • Select Link set A on each menu
  • Go to a different location in the Bible
  • Watch the commentary follow right along with you

This feature is called Linking. Link as many Bibles and commentaries as you like in the same Link set. Where one goes, they all go!


  1. Love this feature, Mo!!

  2. What are the other Link Sets (B-F) for then?

  3. John McIntyre says

    I like this feature a lot. However, I am new to Logos and still do not see how to print my bible studies to take with me.

  4. D. Michael Crow says

    To Morris
    Please answer via the Logos 4 front page (not via the blog as I seldom go there).
    How can I filter things so that my favorite commentaries are listed first & on top, then the other commentaries lower & later?
    Also, how can I get rid of books I know I’ll never use again?

  5. Good question.
    You would use these other links, for example, if you have multiple Bibles and commentaries open. You could allow certain commentaries to link with your primary Bible, and the other commentaries to link to the secondary Bible. Of course, you could set a link for just the Bibles and another for just the commentaries.

  6. Hi John,
    Thanks for the comment. As a new Logos user, welcome. The first step in learning how to use Logos 4 is to watch our free training videos. Those will get you started on the right foot.
    To print most content, simply highlight the text you want, copy, then paste it into your word document and print from there. To learn how to print sections of Scripture, watch the video, Copy Bible Verses Outside of Logos (Windows version | Mac version).

  7. Hi Michael,
    What you want to do is set Prioritized Resources. Morris’ training video will show you how to do just that: Prioritized Resources
    To hide resources, open the Program Settings (Tools | Program Settings) and set it to one side of the program. At the very bottom there is a section called Hidden Resources. Now open the Library. Locate the title(s) you want to hide/remove, and then drag and drop it into the Drop resources to hide here box in the Hidden Resources section. Notice, the note that you will have to restart Logos for the changes to take effect.