Logos 4: Auto Bookmarks

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

After reading a while in your Bibles and books you’ll begin to notice little gray hash marks in the vertical scroll bar of the resources. These marks are called Auto Bookmarks.

Imagine as you read print books that you “dog ear” each page you read. That’s what these gray marks are. They indicate every place you’ve been in a particular Bible or book. Rest your cursor on an auto bookmark and you’ll see a preview of the text on the page. Click the mark to jump to that location.

If, however, you’d rather not see the auto bookmarks you can easily hide them:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Set Show Auto and Favorite Bookmarks to No

If you have a change of heart, just return to Program Settings and reset the option to Yes.


  1. Vicki Childress says:

    Thanks. This was very helpful. I have been wondering what those lines signify.
    One question though –
    How would one go about deleting the bookmarks from a particular source?

  2. Donn Heinrich says:

    Try Tools | History | Clear
    . It works for me.

  3. Thanks Morris. I’ve been wondering about that for a long time!

  4. Ronnie James says:

    Excellent tip…..this is something that’s evaded me since getting Logos 4. I knew what they were, just didn’t know how to hide them! Many thanks.

  5. Good day, may ask a simple question. If I would like to copy and the paste the contents of a page I find interesting, how do I do this? Say now into a MS Word document.

  6. Hi Peter,
    To do this, highlight the text you want to copy, then right-click on the selection. In the pop-up menu’s right-side column click Selection. On the left you should then see Copy. Click Copy.
    Now switch to your Word document and paste where desired.

  7. This was a great tip and then I found Show Auto and Favorit.. and chose NO and this removed all those annoying marks from the Bible scroll. I was always clicking the wrong thing when trying to page down or up and would end up in another book of the Bible. GREAT!

  8. Can you simply erase or reset the auto bookmarks to start over rather than just turning the feature on or off?

  9. Jerry,
    There is no way to erase the marks. I am told they are supposed to fade over time though, so if you don’t visit the same text on a regular basis, you should seen them disappear. I’m sending your comment to suggest@logos.com for consideration for future updates. Who knows, maybe the feature will be included in a future build of Logos 4. Please send any other suggestions you may there as well. We read them all.