Has Christianity Failed You on FreeBookPreview.com

Ravi Zacharias

Zondervan and FreeBookPreview.com is offering a free opportunity to examine Ravi Zacharias’ Has Christianity Failed You. During the week of November 7–11, you can preview Has Christianity Failed You in its entirety on the free Logos Bible Software iPhone/iPad app.

Ravi Zacharias is known for tackling difficult issues with intellectual vigor and genuine sensitivity. In Has Christianity Failed You, Zacharias compassionately wrestles with many of the questions that cause believers to nurse silent doubts or walk away from the Church altogether. The odds are that if you are not struggling with your own crises of faith—you know someone who is!

Head over to FreeBookPreview.com and get instructions on how to get the free preview. Or simply download the free app and enjoy your preview.


  1. What about all us non-Apple people? I’d really like to have a free preview of this book too. Are you doing an App for Windows Phone 7?

  2. Is this book available for Libronix?

  3. Dan,
    I am afraid not. Free Book Preview is a tool to help people familiarize themselves with new Christian books and resources. Unfortunately, we are not able to license everything that we feature.

  4. David,
    We currently have a mobile app for iPhone/iPad. Is there other mobile apps in the works? Let’s just say that you won’t be able to miss the news if one should become available! In the meantime if you are interested in the preview but do not have an iPhone, you can find alternative means of previewing here.

  5. Now that the Free Preview is over, is the book available on Logos?

  6. Jim,
    Thank you for your question. No, this resource is not one that Logos is able to license at this time.

  7. Thanks for clarifying. The question had been asked on Facebook last week when it went on Free Preview. Do you expect to get the licence at some point?