Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2010

Black Friday Cyber Monday

We’ve been thinking about having a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, soliciting ideas from our customers, and doing a little research on Black Friday sales in general.

One of the first things we came across in our research was a lot of reporting on the stress and frenzy of Black Friday shopping. Apparently if you decide to get in a car and go to the shops, it is going to be insanely busy. One description of Black Friday we read started off like this:

“Like lions stalking their prey, eager shoppers line up at the crack of dawn, waiting to pounce on the best deals. In a jungle-like atmosphere, anxious shoppers strategize their method of attack and then grab their purchases, all for the chance at a good deal.”– Lauren Wietchy, Valley Vanguard

Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shopping, so this year, we have decided to give you the best of both worlds: shopping without leaving your pajamas or the comfort of your home, and the thrill from the bargain “hunting” aspect of Black Friday.

Here’s the deal:

You pick any three products that you wish were on sale, send us an email, and we’ll send you our exclusive limited time sale price. If you like the prices, buy one, two, or all three. You decide.

We have thousands of titles available at exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts, but we aren’t going to publicly advertise what they all are (crazy, huh?!) No price list, no product list, The deals are so good that we are limiting them to three per customer, and only by request.

Here’s where the thrill comes in.

You have one chance to pick your top three items and send in one request for a price quote on just those three items.

We have sales staff working on Friday and Monday (and maybe a little email coverage on Saturday too), and we’ll try to get back to as many emails as possible on Friday and Monday, but as long as you are in before the deadline you are covered.

Send one email to In the email you must include the following information:

  • Your name and phone number.
  • The name of three products you want exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on.
  • The web address (URL) of each of the three products you want exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on.

To help make sure you don’t waste your only three chances for an awesome deal, it’s only fair to warn you that, due to various contracts and licenses, some titles aren’t able to be discounted at all. (Zondervan, Galaxie, Concordia…) Also, don’t ask for a quote for any title that is not shipping yet, since all Pre-Pubs and Community Pricing titles are not available yet, and the sale ends before they go live.

For all emails that arrive before midnight on Monday November 29th, 2010 we will reply with a Black Friday/Cyber Monday exclusive sale price and you will have 48 hours to respond in order to get that price.

Ready, set, shop!

Start browsing our site for the products you want and send your emails in! We’ll get to them first come, first served.


  1. Dr. Al Brodbent says

    You used to have a Christmas package that were great deals and I would buy them and put them in my pastoral pay package. This process, for the oldie fogies, is too much work (although I think it will be successful). Too many things to do this weekend to research the items. Have a great holiday week-end. Dr. al

  2. Milford Charles Murray says

    Peace to you, Dan! *smile*
    And Always Joy in the Lord!
    Absolutely brilliant!
    Thank you in behalf of all our Logos Community!
    Just Brilliant!

  3. DALE DAVAULT says

    I love logos 4 it great!!!

  4. Ed Peterson says

    Great Idea ….. Do at X-Mas also

  5. Alright, so I already sent my email with my 3 items. That means I will get an e-mail until Monday, right? Or will I get one today? That’s all! Thanks! I’m really looking forward to see the great offer!

  6. Dale Durnell says

    Now that’s a pretty sweet deal — and I don’t have to fight the mobs at Wal-Mart (and take a chance on getting hurt in the process). As always, thanks

  7. Happy Black Friday everyone.

  8. Genesis: Beginning and Blessing by Hughes, R. Kent,Septuaginta: Morphologically tagged edition, Alfred Rahlfs,Minor Prophets Combo (3 vols.)

  9. David Pereira says

    CREATIVE, generous offer!
    THANKS so much. I’ll have to get crackin’ on this.

  10. Douglas, I hope that you will get a reply before then. It just depends on how busy we get. We’ll get to the emails first come, first served, and we are starting right now!

  11. Hey Dan,
    Great job by Team Logos as usual! Sent the email this morning and awaiting the reply, but there is a question coming up a few times and I placed it in my email… Are Base Package upgrades available in this promotion or not. I noted an alternate just in case as the post really doesn’t say one way or the other.

  12. I’d hate to ruin any of the surprise! ;-)

  13. Hmm, wonder if package upgrades are part of this as well?

  14. Give it a shot. You’ve got three “wishes”.

  15. Hmm, wonder if package upgrades are part of this as well?

  16. Frank Sauer says

    Sure just add to the suspense… ;) Still eagerly anticipating the email with the offers… Hopefully not to far off, mine was sent around 9:45am CST

  17. I don’t know Frank, we may have underestimated demand! That inbox is looking full! It could take some time…

  18. Frank Sauer says

    A full inbox is a good thing in this case! Hopefully loads of sales for Logos through great deals for customers!

  19. Edwin Bowden says

    Can we use payment plans for these?

  20. Sure, feel free to ask for the payment plan on the specials if you’d like. We will offer payment plans up to 12 months.

  21. Please add an additional 15% off on to of the 20% on the logos Bible software.

  22. Do you think that the I-Beam dvd instruction would or would not count since its a pre-pub?

  23. Pre-Pubs won’t qualify, so I’d save my 3 picks for something else.

  24. can somebody explain what does it mean?
    I don’t get it!! :(
    •The web address (URL) of each of the three products you want exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on.

  25. John Whitney says

    Any idea how long its taking to get back on these?
    I sent one in over the weekend and havent heard anything back.

  26. Dee Hawes, Sr. says

    Hey Dan,
    A brilliant idea! Thank you so much. I put in three request and could not believe the prices! I bought all three selections and still had money left in the budget!
    The only complaint I have is that we could only choose three and only one submission. But all-in-all a great experience.
    Have a merry Christ centered Christmas to you and to all of the Logos users.

  27. The URL is the web page address. It looks like this for example:

  28. We are hoping to get to all the emails soon. We got way more than we expected and we’ve been working all weekend! Hang on a little more, we’ll get to you soon.

  29. Thanks! I am glad you like it!

  30. The blog says the emails must arrive before midnight but I’m not sure where you are at. I sent my list at 10:02 but if you are on the East Coast then I’m afraid I might be two minutes too late. Is that the case?
    Hoping I didn’t take too long to decide…

  31. Awesome – thanks for the deals!

  32. Have you sent out all the emails? I sent mine in on Monday but have not received a reply yet. Thanks.

  33. We are still working through the emails. We got more than we expected and we’re still trying to catch up. Hang on a little longer and we’ll get to you!

  34. Good news for you, we’re on the west coast in Washington State!

  35. Sent my request last Friday morning, still no reply. How far along on the list are you? Thanks!

  36. I too emailed at 10:02 western time, I’m sure glad Logos is on the west coast.
    I’m eagerly waiting for my discounts email, although I understand that you have a lot to work through.

  37. Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale? That’s GREAT!
    Oh drats. It’s Tuesday ;(

  38. Larry, we are totally caught up. If you didn’t get your email, first check your SPAM filter or junk email box. If it is not there, give us a call and we’ll try to figure out what happened.

  39. Logos;
    What a great idea. I have already made my purchased and was real pleased with the steep discounts. Thanks.