What’s New at FreeBookPreview.com?


If you haven’t downloaded the Logos Bible Software iPhone app, what are you waiting for? It is not only an absolutely free mobile solution for your Bible study needs and an incredible complement to your Logos base package* (giving you access to many of your resources wherever you are), it also gives you free previews of entire Christian books right there on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

With FreeBookPreview.com you can examine a book as closely as you want for the preview period. It’s sort of like going to your local bookstore and getting an entire week to really peruse a book before you buy it (except you get to take the text with you, wherever you go). Then—when you love it—you can purchase a print edition right there from the app, or sometimes even add it to your Logos Bible Software resources.

Don’t miss out on What Jesus Demands from the World through October 15, 2010.

This week we are featuring this classic book by John Piper! This book, which C. J. Mahaney, President of Sovereign Grace Ministries, says will lead you to “encounter the Savior and experience the transforming effects of the gospel,” is available free this week from FreeBookPreview.com. You still have plenty of time to check it out! It is available as an addition to your Logos library or in print.

Bible Study Magazine is coming to FreeBookPreview.com!

In honor of Bible Study Magazine’s second anniversary, we are featuring a preview of some of the best articles from the last two years. The preview of Bible Study Magazine starts October 17 and runs through October 30. This is your opportunity to take a look at the only magazine dedicated entirely to Bible study.

Keep your eyes on the on FreeBookPreview.com to see some of the great books that are coming, like Ravi Zacharias’ Has Christianity Failed You? and Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcy.

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If you haven’t taken advantage of the free Logos iPhone app, isn’t it time?

*Now is the perfect opportunity to purchase a base package, or to look into an upgrade at up to 20% off for a limited time!


  1. Howard Law says:

    Thanks for rubbing it in but some of us have droids and still yet can not use our Logos on it, so how about some good news like “Logos Now Available on Droid”??????

  2. Howard,
    You just never know what kind of news you might hear.
    For the time being, you can go to http://www.freebookpreview.com/get-free-preview/
    and look into the other method available to read the preview!

  3. Another thing that would be great is adding FreeBookPreview.com to Logos on the Desktop, perhaps on the Home Page?
    It would also be nice to subscribe to Bible Study Magazine electronically, through Logos 4.

  4. Jim Hodge says:

    Thanks, Jayson, for bringing up that there are many Logos users who have Droid’s. I have raised the Droid banner to Logos for many months now. Good to have another voice.

  5. Trust me Jim, you are not the only one waving the Droid banner!

  6. Nathan,
    Thanks for the suggestions!
    We are committed to Bible Study Magazine as a print magazine. Any thoughts of digitizing the content of the magazine to make it available for Logos 4 would undermine that commitment. Trust us though, it is an idea we discuss often.

  7. Thanks for the remainder. What about windows phone, can I use the app to see my logos software in a windows phone?

  8. Victor,
    Thanks for your question. Right now, we have a specific app available for the iPhone. As a work around for users of other browsers, you can also check out the previewed material at http://library.logos.com.