Logos 4: Bible Search Results to a Passage List

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Years ago when I used print books, I always had a legal pad on my desk so I could record a list of verses as I studied. I would do all sorts of things with these verses: memorize them, create a handout to distribute to the congregation or class, file them away for future reference and so on. With Logos 4, it’s very easy to create, save, and reopen such a list with a file called the Passage List. Here’s just one way to create a Passage List:

  • Click the Search icon
  • Select Bible as the Search type
  • Set your search criteria by using the drop down lists
  • Type a word or phrase in the find box such as mercy or "but God"
  • Click the search arrow or press the Enter key
  • Click the Search panel menu (top-left corner of panel) when the Bible search results appear
  • Select Save as Passage List

You’ll notice that a Passage List file is created. You can now name the file, select the Bible(s) to be used in the list and so on. Anytime you want to reopen and use the list choose the File menu and click the desired list to open it.

You can create as many Passage Lists as you want. I encourage you to make numerous lists as you study topics such as forgiveness, angels, and so on. Then, when you need to see verses for a particular subject, just return to the File menu.


  1. Miss Jody says:

    How do I delete this list once I create it?

  2. But not in Logos4Mac?

  3. Hi Jody.
    If you no longer want a particular list, click File in the toolbar and in the dropdown menu you should see your passage lists. Mouse over the title of the list you want to delete and an X will appear to the right. Click the X to delete.

  4. Great tip! Never noticed it before. I will be using this.

  5. Hi Gene.
    I just ran through the tip using Logos 4 Mac and it seems to work for me. Possibly check your search criteria and retry. If you’re still having an issue, feel free to call Customer Service at 800-875-6467 and they can determine if your library is setup properly.

  6. Is there any expectation of a Droid application for the Logos4 as there is for the iPhone? I’m not planning on switching phone carriers and I hope to someday have the same advantages on my Droid phone. Please make an app for the rest of us!
    Dan Carawan

  7. Ross Durham says:

    How about saving it as a Note or Clipping or something that would allow for personal annotations to the verses? I need the list but then I need to be able to record notes and comments that will help me to use the verses in various contexts; the list alone is not as valuable as the list with permanent notes that aid in using it. Thanks.

  8. Works fine on Mac as well, at least in my quick try. I love this feature!

  9. Kirk Prescott says:

    why don,t logos let you print,

  10. Kirk,
    You can print. Make sure that you are running the latest build (Logos 4.1 SR-4).
    Click on the drop down menu on the image of your opened resource example.
    Click on Print/Export example.
    Choose from your Print or Export options. example
    Hope this is helpful,

  11. Dan,
    Trust me when I tell you that we get these kinds of queries a lot (for tons of different platforms!)
    We are constantly looking at different frontiers. I promise than when there is something exciting to report on that front, you will not be able to miss the news.

  12. Pete Van Epps says:

    This question is unrelated to the topic, but in the “text comparison” section, I’d like to see the percentage difference in a passage within the different translations I have selected. I saw this on the product video, but can’t seem to do get there on my version of Logos4. Can you instuct me on how to set this up? Thanks.

  13. Ross,
    I would strongly suggest posting this question in the forums. The people on the Logos forum live to help out with training questions like this.
    A search for annotations pulled in a many pages worth of responses.
    I hope this helps,

  14. Pete,
    I did a quick search for “text comparison” in the forums and found over five pages of material.
    If you were to start a thread with this specific question the helpful MVP’s on the forum would help you tout de suite!
    I hope this helps.

  15. Erich Sokoloski says:

    How can set up a search to see how many times the “Holy Spirit” comes up with the word “seal” in a sentence within a particular book or collection. How do I type that phrase and word together to make that search?

  16. Why does it take so long for Logos to boot up? How can I streamline the start up – takes 90 secs for me!!

  17. Walt,
    Thanks for the question. Check out http://wiki.logos.com/Logos_Running_Slowly and see if any of these suggestions increase your performance.