Discovering Community on the Logos Forums


Today’s guest blogger is Kevin Becker, a Logos Forum MVP.

My first foray into Logos’ forums was on the day that Logos 4 was released. I was looking to download a particular file but I couldn’t find the download link on Logos’ website. Sure enough, the helpful forum folk provided the link.

I downloaded my software and it started indexing. As I poked around, I realized that, while many things were familiar from Libronix, other things were foreign. I knew I needed help, so I returned to the forum, and I’ve been reading and posting ever since. It’s rewarding to help someone figure out how to leverage Logos to do Bible study. I love imagining people sitting around the world having “Aha!” moments, not just from figuring out how to use Logos’ power but from the discoveries they make as they study God’s word. The forum has become a ministry.

I’ve also reaped great benefits from learning many things from the collective wisdom of forum participants. I wouldn’t know how to use the syntax search with any confidence if not for other gracious forum members teaching me. Logos’ leadership and employees also participate in the forums. My confidence in my e-book investment has grown as I’ve seen them act with grace and wisdom. They really listen to user suggestions; I’ve seen numerous suggestions make their way into Logos 4.

I also love the community on the forums. There are active users from all over the world. I’ve enjoyed learning about different cultures; American, British, and Australian flavors of English are all present, plus many for whom English is a second (or third or fourth or fifth) language. It is a blessing to have a close reminder of the global scope of Christ’s bride.

The most unique cross-cultural experience I’ve had has been helping Ghebreab, an African man living in Germany who uses Logos to prepare for a Bible study. One day, he was having trouble understanding a particular thread on the forum so we started corresponding via email. We then began talking on the telephone and using remote desktop software so I could interact with his computer and show him what I was talking about, step by step. We don’t always understand each other, but I love actually getting to hear the moment when something clicks for Ghebreab, when he grasps how he can use a particular feature of Logos 4 to help him study the Bible and then bring it before his study group. And I get to be a part of it—how cool is that!?

So, in the end, it is not learning how to use Logos, catching the latest news about the company, or running up a ridiculously high post count that keeps me coming back to the forums but the sense of community there, in studying the Bible and helping others. If you don’t use the forum , please stop by and ask your questions and contribute ideas and solutions. I think you’ll find, as I have, that you’ll learn a lot more than how to use your Bible software.


  1. Bob Schlessman says

    I appreciate the value of the forums especially for a product as complex and overwhelming as Logos 4. More often than not I can find the answer to my problem or question in previous posts. But on those rare occasions when I don’t, the other members are very patient and helpful. I am amazed that anybody could find time to post over 3,000 times in about a year. But it is the “forum warriors” who are usually the ones that provide the solutions or point us in the right direction. Thank you to Kevin and others who are the heart of the Logos Forums community.

  2. How cool is that!?!

  3. Very cool! Hehehe

  4. Fred Chapman says

    Great article Kevin! I have benefited greatly from your presence in the forums. I’m glad you learned how to use the syntax search before I came along, otherwise who would have helped me.

  5. Robert Bennett says

    I have enjoyed Logos 4. However it is taking so long to laod up. does anyone have any help with this problem. at first it would load up in seconds now its minutes.

  6. Robert,
    Thanks for your question, I am sure that is frustrating. First, I would suggest looking at and see if any of these suggestions will improve your performance.
    If that doesn’t dramatically increase your boot up speed, you should call our customer service at 1-800-875-6467 Monday – Friday, 6 AM – 5 PM PST. We have the best customer service team on the planet!
    Thank you Robert,

  7. Jerry Broadwell says

    I’m new with Logos 4 and very intimitated with the program & i’m also 79 & a very slow learner & technicaly illiterate. My memory
    is terrible, but I love the Lord & would like to be able to better share biblical information & could us a lot of help if someone has the time to help, I would appreciate it. Jerry

  8. Hi Jerry.
    Thanks for leaving a comment. The best way to connect with other Logos users is to introduce yourself in our forums. Visit and find a topic you would like help with, or ask a new question of your own. You’ll be helped in no time.