Word Biblical Commentary Download Sale!

Word Biblical Commentary

The Word Biblical Commentary is now available for download, and we’re celebrating with a big sale!

For years, the Word Biblical Commentary has been one of our bestselling commentaries. This series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence. It contains contributions from some of the leading biblical scholars of our time.

The WBC has been available for Logos Bible Software for quite some time, but only as a CD-ROM. Now, with the download available, there’s no need to wait for a CD-ROM to ship, and you don’t need to go through the extra steps of getting Libronix resources to work in Logos 4. This means that if you plan to work on this Sunday’s sermon today, you can download the WBC now and begin using it right away. It’s fast, simple, and easy.

Having the WBC available for download is a milestone for Logos users, so we’re celebrating with a big sale. For a limited time, you can get the 59-volume Word Biblical Commentary for $499.95. That works out to only $8.47 per volume—a phenomenal deal! Remember, the sale price is good for only a few weeks, so you should place your order today to get the special price.

To get the sale price, enter coupon code WBCDOWNLOAD at checkout. You won’t see the sale price on the product website. The only way to get the sale price is to use coupon code.

These volumes are available individually for around $50 each. If you’ve had your eye on getting only a few of these volumes, it’s probably a better idea to spring for the whole set while it’s on sale.

Of course, if you still want to get the CD-ROM, that’s fine, too. The special sale price is good for both the CD-ROM and the download.

This sale ends on October 31, 2010. Get it today!

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  1. Frank Collins Jr says

    I am a seminary studentat Moody Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Michigan. Are there any further discounts available for seminary students for the Word Biblical Commentary download?

  2. Is there any offer on WBC for those of us who have most of the series?

  3. Finally! Will def get it. Planning on getting Anchor Yale Bible (84 Vols.) for the holidays.

  4. Jean Michael says

    Hi, I already have 54 of the Word Biblical Commentary volumes on Libronix. Does the special sale price applies to the missing volumes which I would like to buy? Thanks!

  5. Can we purchase individual copies? Or does it have to be the whole set?

  6. Friedrich Schuening says

    I bought the CD-ROM version of WBC before I bought logos 4. How can I work this version into logos 4?

  7. JB Baldridge says

    Just curious…would it be possible to download a demo or purchase only one volume to “test drive” the commentary?

  8. Kent Hendricks says

    If you have the previous 54-volume version of the WBC, you may want to consider the Word Biblical Commentary 6 Volume Upgrade.
    Many volumes in the Word Biblical Commentary are also available for individual download, although the collections are a far better deal.

  9. Kent Hendricks says

    Many volumes in the Word Biblical Commentary are also available for individual download, although the collections are a far better deal. You could buy 10 volumes individually, or, for the same price, you could get the entire 59-volume series while it’s on sale. The full series is a much better value.

  10. Kent Hendricks says

    Here’s how to get the CD-ROM to work in Logos 4:
    1. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer.
    2. In the Logos 4 Command Bar, type Scan D:\ (or whatever your drive is)
    3. Wait a minute or two.
    4. Shut down Logos 4.
    5. Restart Logos 4. It will begin adding the resources to your library.

  11. I’m sure glad this is on sale, but I don’t think this set is for me. I would buy Zondervan’s Illustrated Bible Background Commentaries if they were on sale, though. The price is 127 and cents for the NT and 199 and cents for the OT. If, if, if we could get both sets for $200 that’d be awesome…hehehe. Just a suggestion for future sales. ;-)

  12. JB,
    Thanks for the question.
    Most of the Word Biblical Commentaries are available to purchase individually if you wanted to check one out.

  13. Missing the First Epistle to the Corinthians, etc. When will that come out and will we have to pay for more if we’ve paid for the set as originally advertized? Waiting for the full set. I use it repleat on IPAD ande IPHONE and computer…Thanks