You Think You Know Logos?


Today’s guest blogger is Thomas Black, a Logos Forum MVP and a Pastor in Moweaqua, Illinois.

As a Logos Forum MVP, I think I’m fairly well equipped when it comes to understanding how Logos 4 works. But to be honest, while I understand the components, making them work together to get what I want doesn’t always come natural to me. When I discovered that Morris Proctor was going to be teaching one of his Camp Logos seminars close enough for me to attend, I signed up. I had attended an MP seminar for Logos 3 a few years ago, but L4 is a new creature altogether, so I was looking forward to gaining from Mo’s unique insights to the program.

Comprised of two days of instruction, the MP seminars are designed to take you from the basics of the program all the way to intelligently using it. I have to be honest, I didn’t learn much on the first day as Mo expertly pointed out each of the program interfaces and lead the class through several examples of the reports, tools and menus. Yet, the whole time I was never bored. Mo is such an excellent instructor that even the things I already knew didn’t bore me.

Over the two days Mo walked us through the elements of the program, beginning with understanding and customizing the home page. From there we covered studying with the guides, gleaning from the Biblical facts databases, using the Library, building collections, creating custom layouts, broad and targeted searching, and digging into the original languages with Reverse Interlinears and word studies—all while describing what all of the buttons and menus do, answering questions on the fly, and inserting enough expert tips to make the price of admission worth it no matter what your skill level with the program.

Another benefit for those like me who are eager to build their library even more: book prices. At the seminar, Mo has some great upgrade pricing available—and he points out some of the collections and books he has gained greatly from. I’m happy to say that he does this without sounding like a commercial.

So do you think you know Logos? I believe Morris could still teach you a few tips and tricks you’ve never thought of.

Look into Morris Proctor’s Camp Logos seminars and get ready for Camp Logos 2 which digs even deeper and is coming soon!

Don’t miss Camp Logos in your area! Spaces are filling up for the following camps, so register now:

Camp Logos West:

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  1. When are you coming over to Australia?

  2. Awesome stuff. Now if only Michigan was on the Camp list…

  3. Oh yeah, I attended a Camp Logos earlier this year at LRU. I got in free since I’m a student. I’ll have to say I was thoroughly impressed. As a L3 power user, L4 was a whole new boat for me. Morris helped ease the transition (and I also threw many transitional questions toward him during the seminar which helped those in the room that were on 3 see some of the differences in 4), gave a ton of power user tips during the seminar, and also threw in some helps that will make using Logos in my seminary studies much easier. He is truly the key that kicks using Logos into overdrive!

  4. mark higham says

    I would like to know.
    I live in the united kingdom and would like to ask if there is a camp logos online course that would be equal to the one you have at camp logos as far as information goes.
    As I live quite far to get to these semenars
    and am very intrested in learning the right way.
    Thanks for design a wonderfull tool to expolore the wonderfull word of the most awsome livivg god Jesus !!
    Have a blessed day
    Mark Higham

  5. Michael Moore says

    When will Camp Logos come to the DFW , in Texas?

  6. When I viewed the Camplogos invitation movie, it would run for a second or so and then freeze then continue.

  7. Hi Mark,
    Good news! Morris has a Camp Logos scheduled in the UK. Here are the details:
    London, England
    Dates: February 15–17, 2011
    Location: The Proclamation Trust in London, England, UK
    Register here!
    Feel free to contact mp|Seminars if you have questions about the camp.

  8. Dewaine,
    It sounds like this is due to your internet connection. If you are on a shared network or are not using a high speed internet connection, you could experience such an issue.

  9. Pastor Hector Vega says

    when will you come to NYC or new jersey

  10. Gavin Albert says

    Will there be any Camp Logos Seminars in Canada? or is there any correspondence online? and thanks to Jesus for this opportunity to dig into His Word, great work! gavin

  11. Frank R. Jassir says

    Is there any seminars in the South Florida, like West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale or within the area?.

  12. Deborah Mickens says

    The most up to date information regarding the location of Morris’ camps is on his website. Currently, the closest Camp Logos to West Palm Beach is Orlando January 27-28, 2011. If you want to see a Camp closer to your area, you can get in touch with his office (877-237-3168) and you can ask them about how to schedule a Camp in your area.

  13. Deborah Mickens says

    Hector & Gavin,
    Currently, there are no Camp Logos dates scheduled in Canada, New York or New Jersey, but Morris is always looking for new places to have Camp Logos! If you would like to have a Camp Logos in you area, get in touch with his office (877-237-3168) and you can ask them about how to schedule a Camp in your area.

  14. I second this. I want one in DFW also.