Navigating Bibles in Logos 4


One of the things I love about Logos 4 is how easy it is to navigate in Bibles. Are you aware of how easy it can be?

Let’s start assuming you’re in Romans 2:1.

Now, let’s say you want to move to Romans 2:22.

In the old days, you’d either have to re-type the whole reference (Ro 2.22) or you’d need to select the 1 with your mouse and re-type ’22’ over it. But now? Just type in ’22’ and Logos 4 assumes you mean verse 22 in the current book/chapter:

That’s pretty cool. What if you want to move to Romans 5:6, though? Just type in the parts of the reference that have changed (here “5.6”) and Logos 4 assumes you mean chapter 5 verse 6 in the current book.

You may also have noticed that I used a full-stop ‘.’ instead of the colon ‘:’ to separate verses. Either is fine. Logos 4 actually recognizes a number of different verse separators … even a space! So for the last example, you could have done ‘5 6’. No more right-pinkie-finger extensions to hit the SHIFT key. That makes it even better!


  1. this may work in the Windows version of Logos 4, but it does not work (yet) in the Mac beta

  2. Gwen Sheldon says:

    I am fairly new to LOGOS but have enjoyed it so much. I teach adult ladies and really value the different commentaries, and teaching aides available. My favorite feature right now is the instant reference verses that pop up if I click on the Bible address!! I know I haven’t scratched the surface of all the information open to me, but I will!! Thanks again. Gwen Sheldon

  3. Steve Maling says:

    Hi, Rick,
    That IS easy. Also, I like to use the up/down arrows in the upper right corner to move from verse to verse (or chapter or article to chapter or article).

  4. It would be nice if it also worked in the “copy Bible verse” tool too.

  5. In Libronix 3 you could tab to get back up to the reference. That doesn’t seem to work. Is there another shortcut that does the trick? Hope to see a future blog post about that and maybe other keyboard shortcuts.

  6. jon peterson says:

    I am enjoying getting to know my new software… SUCH an improvement on the Logos 2 I originally owned.
    The one thing it does not have that I think you ought to consider is a journalling aspect. Yes I know I can use “notes” or “clippings to approximate the functin, but since Logos 4 does everything else top drawer, why not the journal function as well.

  7. Michael Jones says:

    Sorry that didn’t work, but I performed the given directions on my mac and it worked. Logos, thanks for the insight…every shortcut is appreciated!

  8. I think a journaling feature is a really good idea, too!