Logos 4: Abbreviated Titles

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

A Logos user recently contacted me with the observation that some books in the Logos library contain abbreviated titles. He wanted to see just those books in his personal library possessing such titles. Here’s what I told him:

  • Open the Library by clicking the Library icon on the toolbar (or pressing Alt + L)
  • Click the View icon on the Library’s toolbar so that a detailed spreadsheet view of the Library appears
  • In the Library’s Find box type this exact text: abbrev:* (Note: abbrev is the field name for Abbreviated Title and the * is a wild card representing any text. The instruction we’re giving Logos is to display all resources with any text in the Abbreviated Title field.)

One of the most practical uses of an abbreviated title is typing it into the Command box to open the resource from there without having to go to the Library!


  1. I tried this on the Mac version and it does not seem to work. Will this be a feature added later?
    Also, Morris Proctor usually only offers his keyboard shortcuts in these kinds of posts for the Windows version of Logos. However, since the Mac version is becoming more and more viable, shouldn’t it receive equal attention by offering the Mac equivalent keystroke as well?
    So while typing Alt + L on the Windows keyboard opens the library, the same is achieved on the Mac with Command – L.

  2. Is there a list of the fields one can use in the Find Box? I notice there are many such boxes that can take a special field abbreviation or like the g for Greek, etc. It would be good have to have such a list.
    Thanks and God Bless,

  3. R. Mansfield,
    I have tested this on a Mac and it appears to work properly. Retry the search making sure there are no spaces when you type exactly this: abbrev:*
    If it is still not working, you may want to check for and install any updates, then retry. Feel free to call Customer Service at 800.875.6467 for assistance.

  4. Hi Eldkelly,
    Thanks for the comment. Here is a list of search fields (field names) you can use to search for content.
    I’d encourage you to become a part of our Logos Forums. You don’t need to comment or anything if you don’t want, but just searching for topics of interest and reading replies could help you get more out of Logos.

  5. Hi Adam,
    Thanks very much for the information and I do appreciate the time you took to respond. I copied the list to OneNote and will have it handy when I need it. However, I noticed in the example that there must be a field list within the list: “In the Library’s Find box type this exact text: abbrev:* (Note: abbrev is the field name for Abbreviated”. Abbrev is the field name, which is not listed.
    I tried the forums, but I guess I just too slow, for I use up an hour or two searching for something and usually I don’t find it. I then have to post, and something that I need quickly is not usually quick. Although, the help is usually correct, but occasionally it is not, or is missing a step.
    Thanks again, and May God bless you richly.

  6. Austin Mansfield says

    How can I print a list of the books in my library?

  7. At this time, it is not possible to print such a list. I’ll pass this on to the appropriate department, and if you have any other feature suggestions, please send an email to suggest@logos.com so they can be considered for future updates.