Interpretation Commentaries and New Daily Study Bible on Pre-Pub

The New Daily Study Bible: New Testament (17 Vols.)

The Interpretation commentaries and the New Daily Study Bible, by William Barclay, are among our most-requested books. We regularly get calls and emails from our users who want to add them to their libraries, and if you’re a regular in the Forums, you know that posts appear every few weeks asking about them.

If you’re one of the countless Logos users who have sent in requests, we have good news for you! We’ve been working on a new partnership with Westminster John Knox Press, and we’re pleased to announce that Interpretation and the New Daily Study Bible are now on Pre-Pub!

Both of these commentary series regularly appear on lists of must-have commentaries for pastors and students of the Bible. The New Daily Study Bible is written by world-renowned Bible scholar William Barclay. He wrote more than fifty books, but he is best remembered for his series of commentaries.

Years ago, we offered the Barclay Study Bible. The New Daily Study Bible, newly available for pre-order, is a significantly revised, edited, and expanded version of the New Testament volumes of the original—and widely considered its own distinct work, separate from the Barclay Study Bible. The New Daily Study Bible contains more contemporary language and updated illustrations, plus numerous other revisions.

Interpretation was also available from Logos Bible Software several years ago, and we are now working with Westminster John Knox Press to make this series available again as well. Interpretation contains 43 volumes of commentary by some of the most important Bible scholars in a generation, including Walter Brueggemann, Terence Fretheim, Richard Hays, Thomas Oden, and Thomas Long—and lots of others.

If you’d like to see Interpretation available in Logos again, and the New Daily Study Bible, available from Logos for the first time, then head on over to the Pre-Pub page to place your pre-order.


  1. This will definitely make some people happy. :-)

  2. This is so exciting! I’ve been waiting for Barclay’s NDSB to become available forever!

  3. H David Holbrook says

    I was very pleased to see Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching on the Pre-Pub today. I have used some of these volumes for several years and was among those who had requested the availabilty of this set for Logos.

  4. A big thanks to you all at Logos for making Barclay & the Interpretation:com available again. Much requested in the past, this will make a lot of Logos customers happy.
    I am looking forward to perusing the New Barclay.

  5. Is it just me or did the prepub price changed FAST on the Barclay DBS? I thought I saw it for $99.95 this morning and now is up to $139.95. That’s a big jump in price considering it will only cost $199.95 suggested retail price. Anyway, I hope I’m able to make a budge for those sooner or later. Thanks!

  6. Kent Hendricks says

    It’s been $139.95 since we posted it yesterday afternoon.

  7. Walter Hamer says

    I have Interpretation on my unlocked resources and was just going to purchase them when WJK press uncontracted with you folks and they were no longer available, so I am thrilled at the chance to get them again.

  8. How about John G. Butler’s 27 vol. Biography series and the 10 vol. Studies on the Savior. I’d be the first one to place my pre-pub order on those 2 sets. I’m already looking forward for the Hebrews-Revelation volume that will complete my NT Analytical Bible Expositor and I also hope the OT comes out fast too. I love the Genesis and Exodus volumes. Very practical to preach or teach expository. Thanks for bringing lots of excellent books to Logos 4!

  9. What about the Daily Study Bible Old Testament? Will it be offered at a future time? Thanks.

  10. I purchased both sets when you previously had them for sale years ago. Will my resources be updated since I already own a license?