How to Get Logos Support at 1:30 AM


It’s 1:30 AM. You’re dead tired, and still haven’t gone to bed. You’ve got to finish your study before the 8:00 men’s breakfast this morning, and it’s a Saturday. Logos is closed, and you can’t figure out how to get the report you need for your presentation. Don’t give up hope, getting the answer to your question may be easier than you think.

The Logos Bible Software Forums are live 24 hours a day and have users from every time zone on earth. While it may be 1:30 AM for you, it is the middle of the day or evening for others. Not to mention that there are already 20,000+ threads with about 158,000 posts. The answer to your question may already be listed right there without having to ask.

If you haven’t tried the forums, now is the time. Just jump in and start getting involved. It is a great way to meet other users, share your passion for Bible study, make friends, get help, and join the discussion to help influence the future of the best Bible software on the planet!

Here are some stats to give you a feel for the type of community the forums support, as of the time of writing this post.

Forum activity:

  • 29,532 Users
  • 20,233 Threads
  • 157,917 Posts
  • 224,702 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 1,054,088 Visits
  • 8,299,962 Pageviews

Forum visitors:

Total Countries represented: 203

Top 25 Countries WorldMap

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand
  6. Netherlands
  7. South Africa
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Germany
  10. Singapore
  11. Sweden
  12. India
  13. Brazil
  14. Philippines
  15. Denmark
  16. Czech Republic
  17. China
  18. Spain
  19. France
  20. Finland
  21. Israel
  22. South Korea
  23. Switzerland
  24. Bahamas
  25. Italy

A great place to jump in and try your first post is in the “Newbies” thread, just drop in and introduce yourself. After you do a little “meet and greet” you can take a look at another great thread that can give you a good feel for the type of community you can expect here by checking out the thread entitled “We have become friends throught the forum”.

The next time you have a question at 1:30 AM on a Saturday, or if you happen to be up and have the answers to someone else’s question, the Logos Bible Software Forums are a great place to spend some time with great people interested in getting the most out of God’s Word.


  1. Kevin Becker says

    The Logos forums are a great place to amplify your investment in Logos! When I first upgraded to L4 I became a forum regular and it really helped me to use Logos much better than Libronix. I encourage everyone to come on over to the forum. I promise, you’ll learn something useful.

  2. Fred Chapman says

    One warning I would offer regarding participation in the Logos forum is you may become addicted. It is such a good place to learn about L4 and interact with other users; but what a healthy addiction it can be! I cannot recall a time when I had a question that I could not get a response from a user that knew the right answer. You will also find that there are no “dumb” questions. I encourage everyone to use this wonderful resource and become an active Logos forum participant.

  3. Alan Macgregor says

    As someone who lives in Scotland, about 8 hours ahead of Logos time (PST), it is great that there are so many folks around the world who give of their time and expertise to solve problems or give encouragement and advice. And some of them never seem to sleep!
    In addition I’ve found that you begin to get to know some of the other users. As well as helping me with Logos 4 Mac they enrich my understanding and appreciation of other cultures. And sometimes I’ll throw in a Scots word (with translation, of course) just to give others the benefit of a wonderful dialect! Come and join us in the forums for advice, problem-solving or just information to help you get the best out of a great Bible software app.
    I’ve been using Logos since 1993 and I’m still learning!

  4. Hi everyone, let me add my encouragement to come visit the forums. I’m one of the Forum MVPs, a group of volunteer users all over the world designated by a star under our avatar (picture) to let you know we *might* know a thing or two about Logos. There are also plenty of other skilled users who like to jump in and answer questions.
    You can learn a ton just by “lurking” — reading other questions and answers without posting anything yourself.
    You might want to search to see if someone else has already answered your question (actually, Google is better at searching the Logos forums than the forums’ own search feature; just add to your Google search). But if that is too intimidating for you, just go ahead and ask. We might direct you to the answer already posted on the forums or a more detailed explanation of the feature in question on the Logos wiki, or a video tutorial about that feature, or we might answer your question uniquely for your situation, sometimes even with screenshots if we have time and it seems necessary.
    If you do have a question you’d like to ask, it is best to start a new thread rather than tacking it on as a response to someone else’s thread.
    Here are some things to read to help you get started:
    Using the Forum (a Logos wiki page) –
    How to Ask for Help
    Before you post for the first time, make sure your forum display name is not your email address (there seems to be a problem with this sometimes being the default), as spam-bots might pick it up and you might start getting more spam. Here’s how to fix it (follow the instructions to a T, as the process is somewhat finicky): Changing Forum Display Name
    And last but not least, to ensure that the forums remain helpful, relevant, and friendly, please read and abide by the Forum Guidelines:
    See you on the Forums!

  5. Fred should know all about Forum addiction. ;-) Fortunately I do not suffer from such it at all, I enjoy it.
    As one of the Forum MVPs I echo Dan’s invite to the forums. Come on in, post something about yourself. Ask a question about the software and I’ll bet you get your answers faster than you imagined. (Sometimes within three minutes.)
    Come on in, the water’s fine.

  6. Yes…use the forums!
    Not only are the a source of technical information any time of the day or night…they are a wonderful source of Christian fellowship…I’ve come to really have great respect and admiration for many of the Logos “forumites”!
    So….come on and jump right in!

  7. And since I’m usually up at 1:30AM, if I’m browsing the forums and someone needs help, I’d be happy to answer it. :-)

  8. Jack Caviness says

    As others have already said, you owe it to yourself to participate in the various Logos Forums. One caution, however, if you are convinced that only members of your particular denomination/fellowship will make it to Heaven, participation in these forums can be dangerous. You may have to reconsider your opinion concerning some of your pet theories about …
    In other words, these forums are a wonderful place to cultivate some genuine Christian fellowship that transcends the artificial barriers we have erected.

  9. Andrew Mckenzie says

    As one of the many Aussies on the forums we might just be the ones you catch up with at 1:30am in the morning depending upon what time of day it is in your part of the World. If you want to get more out of your Bible Study using Logos 4 then the forums are the place.

  10. Totally agree. I have solved many problems through the forums. Typically, unless there is a payment or other issue, it is easy to solve the problems.

  11. Dan DeVilder says

    I started using the forums a few months before Logos 4 came out last November. I had been at a Morris Proctor seminar (learning the tricks of Logos). I kept on the forums because a)I needed help, b) because I found many of them to be quite fun to work with and c) I started using what little I learned about Logos to help others.
    The forums have been a big help to me.