ESV Study Bible—Last Chance to Get the Pre-Pub Discount

ESV Study Bible

The ESV is one of the most important translations of the Bible to appear in a generation, and the ESV Study Bible is one of the bestselling print study Bibles of all time. The ESV Study Bible has been on Pre-Pub for awhile now, and we’re now planning to ship on September 15. This gives you a little more time to get the ESV Study Bible at a discounted price. If you haven’t yet placed your Pre-Pub order, this is your last chance!

Created by an outstanding team of 95 evangelical Christian scholars and teachers, the ESV Study Bible presents completely new study notes, maps, illustrations, charts, timelines, articles, and introductions. It has been endorsed by several prominent pastors and scholars, including John Piper, who called it “the rightful heir to a great line of historic translations,” and Mark Driscoll, who says the ESV Study Bible is “the most important resource that has been given to the emerging generation of Bible students and teachers.”

Key Features

  • 20,000 study notes you won’t find anywhere else. These notes focus on understanding the meaning of the text, addressing questions about it, and providing theological, historical, and archaeological background information.
  • 50 articles on the authority of Scripture, including articles on using the Bible in worship and prayer, the reliability of the biblical manuscripts, the relationship between archaeology and the Bible, an overview of biblical theology, and lots more.
  • 200+ full-color maps created with the latest digital technology, satellite images, and archaeological research.
  • 40 all-new illustrations, including full-color renderings and architectural diagrams of the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s temple, Herod’s temple, the city of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time and throughout the history of Israel, and many more.
  • 80,000 cross-references, all of which are linked in the Logos edition.
  • Lots more!

The ESV Study Bible also includes lengthy introductions to each book of the Bible. In these introductions, you’ll find information about the author, date, place of writing, an extensive chart of key themes, a summary of how the book fits in with the rest of the Bible, an outline of the book, and a large, full-color map showing the setting of the events described in the book of the Bible. For overviews on every book of the Bible, you couldn’t do better than the introductions found in the ESV Study Bible.

The Logos edition of the ESV Study Bible puts the Bible text in one resource and all of the other content in a second resource. This enables you to view the Bible and study Bible content side by side—and even scroll synchronously when both resources share the same link set. The ESV Study Bible Notes resource will function just like any other commentary and will show up in the Passage Guide along with your favorite study Bibles and commentaries. So no matter what passage you’re studying, the ESV Study Bible with all of its rich content is always just a click away.

The ESV Study Bible comes with the full text of the ESV, which is also found in Logos 4 base packages. If you already have a Logos 4 base package, you’ll want to pre-order only the ESV Study Bible Notes. This resource includes all the study Bible materials, but it does not include the ESV text itself.

Watch the video below to find out why you should add the ESV Study Bible to your digital library.

Remember, you have only a few more weeks to get the ESV Study Bible while it’s on Pre-Pub. After this Pre-Pub ships, the price will jump, so make sure you pre-order today to get the discount!


  1. Dan DeVilder says

    Kent, are the maps and illustrations going to be available in media search and Bible People/Places/Things? Looking forward to this.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Logos. One question though… will this be an available resource on my iPhone as well? How soon will that be from Sept. 15?

  3. Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy says

    I use the ESV daily in my Logos study and blogging to reach the people around the world on the Internet. What a marvelous work of God’s Word in its original languages interpretation.
    I look forward to ordering the ESV Study Notes to directly include in my Internet ministry rather than use the ESV Notes from the ESV website. This will save time from going back-and-forth (copying, cutting/pasting).
    Once again the Logos team has shown that the Logos Bible Software is the leader for all biblical needs!

  4. Ervin Semien says

    i have purchased 2 EVS study bibles and i am supposed to get the free download for free is that still possible. thanks

  5. Kent Hendricks says

    Yes, the ESV Study Bible will be available on your iPhone. It will be within a few days of the September 15 release.

  6. Kent Hendricks says

    The ESV Study Bible isn’t yet available from Logos, but it will be on September 15. If you already own the ESV, you’ll still need to pre-order the ESV Study Bible notes separately.

  7. Kent Hendricks says

    The maps won’t be available as their own media resource, but they will appear in your Passage Guide like other images do from other books. In other words, they are static maps, just like the maps from many other books. Hope this helps clarify things a little.

  8. Josh Ellis says

    I have bought a hard copy of the ESV study bible, is there a download that i will get when it becomes available on Logos?

  9. Deborah Mickens says

    Even though you have a hard copy of the ESV Study Bible, you would need to purchase an electronic copy of the ESV Study Bible if you wanted to access it in Logos.