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BibliaIntroducing the beta release: a super-simple Bible for the web that’s backed up by the incredible technology (and massive library!) of Logos Bible Software. What makes so cool?

1. Simplicity

Need to link to a Bible verse?
Want to choose multiple verses and a specific version?

2. Power

Want to see the verse in context, or side-by-side with a commentary? Just click the “more >>” link and the single-passage display turns into a two-pane viewer where you can scroll through the Bible and thousands of other books from your Logos library.

You can even link directly to a book in your library:

Need to search? has the power of the Logos 4 search engine, running on the web.

3. Depth offers thousands of resources for searching and reading online. Everyone can use a small collection of books (including more than a dozen bible translations). A free account allows access to dozens more free books. And Logos 4 users can access their library online, complete with synchronization of “last read” position between Logos 4, the iPhone/iPad, and! (The list of books available online is subject to publisher permission, as with availability through mobile applications.)

In the future, everyone will be able to purchase content at and use it wherever they choose: online, on mobile devices, in Logos Bible Software 4, etc.

4. Freedom

With shared licenses between Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Web, and, your content is available wherever you are.

And we’re opening up to your great ideas, too: offers a powerful set of web services for Bible search and retrieval. Anyone can harness the power of Logos Bible Software 4’s underlying engine to build new web sites, mashups, etc. is still in beta, but the features that are live are running well. You can link to the URL’s created by’s “Share” feature and they will continue to work into the future. We will also be redirecting RefTagger and links to in the next few days.

Please send feedback to, or join the discussion in our forums.


  1. is really rich and potential. Thanks a lot for it.
    I have a question, though. Will still be available for mobile devices?

  2. Very nice work. This is why I love Logos! You folks there are continually innovating and bringing us new ways to leverage our investment and the technology of the day.
    Thanks so much!

  3. This is great. Really great. Many thanks for you all consistently pushing ahead with new models of use and distribution.

  4. This is awesome! My home desktop is kind of old, so I only have L4 running on my laptop and office computer – With I can now access most of my books on my home desktop without having to eat the hardrive’s memory (which is not even 1G…talk about an old computer at home…hehe).
    Now, a quick question: Will the exegetical guide be available in the future? Thanks for this awesome tool!
    Have a great day!

  5. Glad to see the site getting some face time. I’m impressed with how far it’s come. I can’t wait to see the full development.

  6. R Chambers says

    Is it just coincidence that once I signed in it opened to the passage I was reading in Logos 4?
    Also, any chance we could access our daily reading plans on Biblia?
    As usual Logos is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
    Thanks for being the leaders in the industry!

  7. Well done, Logos! I kept thinking to myself, “Logos is going to need to bring all their resources online or else they’re going to miss the next wave of Bible study.” You’re doing exactly what I hoped for: bringing Logos 4.0 to the web with people’s user accounts. Definitely the wave of the future. Again, well done and keep it up. Thanks for serving all of us.

  8. Is this, perhaps, the direction the iPad app is heading? I like this a lot better!!!

  9. don wallace says

    I have been with logos since the 80s and have always loved it.
    Believe it or not all i can say after all these years, WOW DO I KNOW HOW TO PICK GREAT SOFTWARE OR NOT.

  10. The logos site is a blessing to this generation now and the link to the future generation.

  11. Timing… I was thinking of writing a blog on this :) Looking forward to future developments.

  12. Just one word:
    AWESOME !!!

  13. Andy Anderson says

    What a pleasant surprise to see this new avenue of accessing my library. I am absolutely thrilled, as it has the majority of my books online. I am traveling this weekend to visit family, and will be able to access my library on someone elses computer! YES!!!

  14. Kenneth Gilmore says

    After switching from Windows to Linux, the one thing I missed was Libronix. My old LLS installation worked under Wine, but it wasn’t the same thing. I switched to Mac largely because I could no longer tolerate not having access to Libronix, and am currently a very happy user of the Logos 4 beta.
    After hearing about, I booted my (non-Mac) laptop into Linux, and spent a few happy moments accessing my library while in Linux. Perfect! Realistically, I know the market share for Linux is too small to justify writing a native Logos 4 application for it. However, makes this drawback largely immaterial. Provided one has internet access, LInux users now can access much of the Logos library. And this is only early days for Biblia. Thanks, Logos. Much appreciated. :)

  15. This totally ROCKS!!! Thank you.