The Bible Is Special

BibleAlmost a decade ago I found myself on the phone with a man whose office was a hospital bed.

I had never met him before, but I had heard that he was dying of complications from pulmonary fibrosis and cancer. From what I understood, he was in a hospital bed under his doctor’s supervision, with oxygen tubes in his nose. Unlike some men around 80 with similar declining health and a restrictive lung disease, he didn’t stop talking or let his shortness of breath silence him. He was taking the time and effort to make sure he personally spoke with me, to secure my word in order to see his vision through to the end.

Most of you reading this have spent far more time ministering to and visiting with the sick than I have, and I have been moved by many stories of those under your care and in your own families finishing strong. So what makes this situation so remarkable? Personal attention to something that could have been so easily delegated.

This particular man had representatives in almost 200 countries, 25,000+ full-time employees, and more than 225,000 trained volunteers for his organization. So why was he the one on the phone? Why wasn’t I talking to his staff? What could be so special that he had to personally take the time, and endure the physical discomfort to ensure this got done himself?

The Bible.

With passion in his voice, he told me it didn’t matter what it cost, or how much trouble it caused him, his staff, his organizers, his “household name” celebrity speakers, or the satellite broadcast—as long as the Bible got the special attention it deserved.

He was convinced that the greatest need for the next generation of pastors was to return to the Bible, to read it, learn it, study it, and be true to it. He knew that without a strong love for and study of the Bible, there could be no firm foundation for their preaching or ministry. The Bible was special to him, and he wanted it to be special to everyone. He recognized that the Bible’s depths could be plumbed more efficiently and in a more familiar form, to the next generation, with technology. He wanted to make sure that every pastor and teacher knew about Logos Bible Software and would be encouraged to get it and use it.

His event was being broadcast all around the world by satellite. It had been planned down to the second for months, and he told his staff to find the best time where the most people would see it, and rearrange whoever they had to, in order to get us on stage to show the world the Bible and how to get better access to it.

When the day of the event arrived, there were over 5,000 pastors in attendance on location, and countless more by satellite. Every speaker on stage was a household name, except one guy—the one showing people how to use the latest and greatest technology to get the most out of the Bible. Now that’s special.

Due to the personal encouragement from this passionate man, and the power of the Word to cause us to hunger and thirst after its wisdom and treasures, hundreds of pastors began their journey of better Bible study that very day.

About a year later, this man with such a special place in his heart for the Bible, left this earth and went home to enjoy His creator, meanwhile his beloved Bible stands forever. We will never know how many countless lives were changed by encounters with God’s Word, preached from the pulpits of the pastors who revolutionized their Bible study that day. We will never know how many of those pastors’ ministries were turned around by a new encounter with God’s Word in a deeper way than ever before. We will never know how many people came to Christ through the ministry of the Word that was made new afresh that day.

I love telling this story whenever I have the privilege of speaking with the individuals in positions of power to make a difference in this world, by introducing more people to Logos Bible Software and its ability to help people get deeper into the Word. I struggle, because the Bible doesn’t need me, the Bible doesn’t need this story and the Bible doesn’t need our technology or anyone else’s. The Bible is enough, the Bible is special. I struggle, because I want to honor the passion for the Bible this man had without exploiting the facts. Yes, we think our tool is great, but we’d be just as thrilled if every conference spent their time encouraging people to get into the Word and never even mentioned us. The Bible is enough.

I tell the story to encourage you to be a part of the thrill of introducing or re-introducing people to God’s Word. At Logos, we are blessed to be able to focus on nothing but God’s Word and providing better access to it.

Join us in our joy!

The next time you are in a position of power to introduce a pastor’s breakfast, church assembly, Bible conference, small group, missions conference, denominational gathering, or any other type of event where there are gathered men and women who know the Bible is special, invite us to come encourage them and help them go farther in Bible study than they ever thought possible.

Take a look at the video below and get a small taste of what we do each week all around the world. We have presented before small groups of tens and stadiums of ten thousands. When you are ready to say the Bible is special, and want to be a part of our joy, give us a call at 800-875-6467 and ask to speak with a Ministry Development Representative.

P.S. If you want to join us and help introduce more people to the Bible and encourage them to go deeper into the Word, and someone says “If we let them on stage, we’ll have to let everyone on stage!” just remind them they won’t have to. When they ask “why not?” tell them it’s because “the Bible is special!”


  1. Thanks for Sharing Dan. A very inspirational story. If you are in th e Bahamas, look me up.

  2. I really enjoy Logos bible Software. But it is really expensive for small church Pastors to afford.
    If getting the Word out to more Pastors for better teaching, you should think of ways to make this more affordable.

  3. Hi Cliff,
    Thanks for the comment, and we’re glad you are enjoying Logos. We realize that not everyone is going to be able to purchase one of our larger collections upfront. In order to make our software available to people with smaller book budgets and for smaller churches, we have a range of base packages to choose from. On top of that, we offer payment plans which allow payments to be spread out over a maximum of 12 months. We also continually offer deep-discounts through Pre-Publications.

  4. Halmariton Simanjuntak says

    Very Good

  5. Our church likes to introduce our high school graduates to Bible software by giving them an inexpensive package for High School graduation. At one time there was a Logos “Starter Library” that worked well for this but now we have to give an out-of-date Ebible package. We wish there was a starter version again.

  6. Interesting story – curious who it was of course.

  7. Pete Heiniger says

    As the Director of Ministry Development for Logos I am blessed to talk to many ministries, conferences, and pastors who like the man above are working hard to help encourage people to spend time in God’s Word.
    As a former pastor, I know too well the the difficulty of helping great people connect with God in a daily habit. Sometimes it is hard to find the time and energy to spend an hour studying God’s Word. And sometimes it is intimidating…because we don’t always know the best place to start. This is why we’re passionate at Logos about making it easy to begin a habit of daily Bible reading, daily prayer, and daily study.
    Our Conference Speakers are men and women who are not only experts with our software, but also come from ministry backgrounds. Many of them are experienced teachers, pastors, and lay leaders – so their heart for God’s Word bleeds into what they do.
    If you want us to speak to your group and help them begin a journey of better Bible study…please give me a call. Just ask for Pete.

  8. Logos is a great program and I think very affordable. I bought in at the beginning and have slowly upgraded and purchased through pre-publishing as well. In this country we seem to afford whatever we want to afford. If we feel it is valuable and a big enough priority, we will do what it takes to get it, whatever it is. Being such a materialistic culture, having whatever we want whenever we want it, the Logos Program even at the leadership level is something every Pastor should have. There really is no excuse. We need to examine our hearts to what is our priority? After all, our citizenship is not with this World and we are not to think so highly of the goods of this world.
    Thank you all of you who are working to make the Word of God more acceable and understandable. Very Good Job!

  9. Pete Heiniger says

    BTW, Mark, the man in the story above was Dr. Bill Bright – founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.

  10. Who was this man you are referring to?

  11. I should have also pointed out in my earlier reply that we have may free Bible resources available which allow us to get the Word out. Here’s a brief description of a few of them: is part of a family of services from Logos Bible Software. It offers free access to a collection of Bibles and Bible reference works, with an easy user interface and powerful search engine. Everyone gets free access to a number of Bibles and a few other resources. Log into (with your account, or by making a free account) for access to dozens of free Bible study resources., provides 30 free Bible translations to use, including the KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, and many more. There, you can find Bible passages by typing words into the Find box, (e.g.: David AND Goliath), you can jump to a specific verse by changing the reference in the box at the top of the Bible text, and you can read the Bible every day with a reading plan that works for you. Plus, you can easily share the verse using our automatic URL shortner for sharing the verse on Twitter or Facebook.
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    Logos Bible Software iPhone App
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    Again, each of the things listed above are free to anyone, so feel free to use them all! And if you know of anyone looking for great Bible study tools, please help us spread the word about these free Bible study tools.