Logos 4: Vividly Display Repeated Words

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As we read a biblical passage and make observations, one of the items we look for is repeated words. Normally words or phrases mentioned multiple times in a passage have particular importance. For example, in John 15 notice the occurrences of fruit. In Philippians 1 take note of the frequent use of gospel. When you locate such a reoccurring word within a given passage, Logos 4 contains a tool, Word Tree (in Original Languages Library and above), that vividly displays the word along with the words in relationship to it. Here’s how to use this helpful feature:

  • Choose Tools | Passage Analysis
  • Select Word Tree
  • Type a biblical reference in the passage box like John 15.1-7
  • Type a word in the box to the right of the passage such as fruit

You’ll notice Logos presents your word and as well as the words in relationship to it. To control the display use the three drop down lists.

In the first list select:

  • Reverse to see all the words leading to your word
  • Forward to see all the words flowing from your word

In the second list select your desired Bible.

In the third list select how to present the words used in relationship to your word. Select:

  • Occurrence toarrange the words in the tree in their biblical order
  • Alphabetical toarrange the words in the tree in their alphabetical order
  • Frequency toarrange the words in the tree by the number of times they appear in the biblical text

Once the tree is generated, you can click on any word in the display to rebuild the tree according to that word. Try using this feature in the observation phase of your Bible study. I think it will help you ask some interesting questions of the text.

Update: Please note that the Passage Analysis tool is only included in the following base packages: Original Lanuguages Library, Scholar’s Library, Scholar’s Library: Silver, Scholar’s Library: Gold, Scholar’s Library: Platinum, and Logos Bible Software 4: Portfolio Edition. To find out which base package is right for you, and see what discounts you qualify for, visit our upgrade page!


  1. Pr. Rick E (Hickey) says

    I really like this idea & would like to use this tool; but I could not find under “Tools” -> “Passage” -> there is NO “Analysis”. I opened up John 15 & looked under “Tools”, but this is what I have on my Logos 4 under “Tools”:
    Copy Bible Verses
    Text Comparison
    What can I do to get “Passage” -> “Analysis” under my “Tools”?
    Pr. Hickey from Rio

  2. Hi Rick,
    The Passage Analysis tools are included in base packages from Original Languages Library and above. If you are not seeing Passage Analysis listed, this may be why.

  3. Judy Scarbrough says

    I understand there will be a logos workshop for version 4 at mid-american seminary in mempis within the next couple of months. Please advise dates. Thanks.

  4. ronda jennings says

    Can you print the panel as it is viewed?

  5. Love it, love it, love it…

  6. Michael Schneider says

    I didn’t really find that option very helpful. I am a Seminary student, and I read the original languages. I quickly tested this search out on Jude, which I had recently combed through for repetition. When I tried the word “love”, it didn’t read me back a complete list for that book. I also didn’t like the way the listings ran on into each other, instead of having each their own line.

  7. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the comment. It sounds like for what you are trying to accomplish, doing a Morphology Search (Search | Morph) instead of a Passage Analysis for love may be the way to go. This way, you can do a search in Jude for love, specifying which Greek text you want to use and if you want the results to appear as Verses, Aligned, or Analysis, all of which display the results on their own line.