Logos 4: OT Quotes in the NT

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

I recently received an e-mail from a gentleman asking if there was any way to locate all of the Old Testament verses mentioned in the New Testament. You’ll be happy to know the answer is yes! What’s more, Logos even neatly recorded them all in a resource. Here’s how to navigate to the book:

  • Click the Library icon
  • In the Library’s Find box enter this text: type:harmony
    (Note: This will display all of the harmonies contained in your library. You should see the resource, Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament, which is included in all base packages with the exception of the Christian Home Library.)
  • Click the title of the resource to open it
  • Click the panel menu of the open resource
  • Select Show table of contents
  • In the contents pane you’ll see both books from the Old Testament (the source of the quote) and New Testament (the destination of the quote)
  • Click the arrow icon next to the title of a biblical book to view the chapters
  • Click a chapter number to jump to that location in the resource

Now you’ll seeboth the source and destination of the quote side-by-side!


  1. Dorothy Obenski says:

    This did not work on my Scholar’s product.

  2. Dorothy Obenski says:

    Ooooops! My mistake!

  3. This loads “Synopsis of the Four Gospels” instead of “Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament.” But if you click the Library icon and then begin typing “old testament quotations” it will find the book you mentioned. Click it and you’re there.

  4. Milford Charles Murray says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    I am truly wonderfully overwhelmed!
    The completeness and the POWER of L4
    Yours in Christ,

  5. Rick Van Ravenswaay says:

    This is a great tip. My question for you is this… Is there a great way inside Logos to “keep” the functions that we like but may not use daily? Maybe creating a list or a hotkey or ???
    Thanks in advance!

  6. I am using the Logos Bible Software pre-release for Mac. I am unable to get it to work.

  7. Sandy Martin says:

    I’m sure there is a more elegant solution to this, but I have started copying just the article portion of these tips and then pasting it in a Word document. I name the word document whatever the heading of the tip is, and I have a special Logos 4 folder. It takes a half minute or so, but I know I have what to do and the explanation for it.

  8. Mark Smith says:

    Favorites is the way to create such a list. Open Favorites from the Tools menu, then drag the small tab for the resource you want to remember to the Favorites pane and drop it there. You can organize Favorites into folders if you want.
    You could also drag the small tab of the resource’s pane to the area just to the right of the Command Bar and drop it there. That will create a shortcut to the resource. You can also directly drag a resource from Library to this same area to create a shortcut. Just click and hold the ‘Type’ data for the resource and drag it to the area right of the Command Bar. You can drag a tool there, too. Try it with ‘Favorites’.

  9. when I copy and paste a quote from Logos 4 to Word 2007, the footnotes do not properly enter as footnotes.
    The number is in the text and the reference is in the footnote area, but there is no number before the footnote.
    If I add a new footnote the number is there. How can I make my copied footnotes be more correct?

  10. Gary Shogren says:

    But…this tool is not available for purchase?

  11. Benjamin Sasso says:

    Does not work for me. I tried both the type:harmony – only shows The Four Fold Gospel, and searching for “Old Testament Quotations” but neither one gave me the results. I have a Scholars 4.0d SR1

  12. Rick,
    You cannot make a shortcut to a filtered search result list such as this, but you can create shortcuts to various items by clicking and dragging an item to the shortcuts bar (to the right of the Command box). This will not work for everything (especially if you are on a Mac), but watch the Drag & Drop Shortcuts demo video on our videos page on how to create shortucts.

  13. Gary,
    What Morris describes is more of a function of Logos using the parallels and harmonies within Logos 4 base packages (from Bible Study Library and above). And the specific resource Morris mentions, Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament, is not sold separately.

  14. Victoria says:

    I miss my old version. It was so easy to navigate. When I clicked on Library, I saw all the books I needed. With Logos 4, I can only use the Bible. Could somebody please give me tips on how to use this version? I have the scholar version, very expensive, and yet I don’t know how to use it!

  15. Johnnie R. Bailey says:

    I have been with Logos Long before where it is now and I need some help. Take for example I am looking at (Joh 3:16 NASB) “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
    An I want to know how many times the word “whoever” the one used in this verse is used in the New Testament and how it is different here than other verses. In the old program all I had to do was click on the word, now in 4 I end up some where not even talking about this word. Someone please help I’m confused.

  16. Hi Johnnie,
    It sounds like what you are looking for is covered in the Bible Word Study video on our training videos page. After watching, I’d recommend trying to spend some time reviewing the other videos in order to get all you can from Logos 4. Hope that helps.

  17. Victoria,
    With the brief description you’ve provided, it sounds like you library has not been fully indexed.
    I’d suggest reindexing during a stretch of time you will not need to use your computer as this can take several hours: After confirming Logos 4 is set to Yes to Automatically Download Updates and to Use Internet (under Tools | Program Settings), type rebuild index into the Command bar and hit enter. This will index all resources except your Bibles. Once that completes, type rebuild bible index to index your Bibles and complete the process.
    Once both are completed, if you are still not able to access all the books in your Library, please give Customer Service a call at 800-875-6467, and let them know what is happening.