Releasing the Potential of Logos 4


The word potential comes from the Latin potentia meaning power. Potential literally means “that which is possible” and is used to represent the untapped power and resources available in almost anything.

There are appropriate times to get excited about potential. When you send your child off to college, are researching a new business endeavor, or buying an engine for your new muscle car you are thinking of all the power that you hope to see released. There comes a time, however, when you would like to see that potential realized, in many instances, power that is left untapped represents lost opportunity.

Logos Bible Software is a powder keg of potential for your Bible study and we want to make sure that you release as much of that power as you possibly can. We do not want the potential for dynamic study to remain dormant and unused.

There are so many venues available to help you release the power within your Logos 4 resources!

  • Support articles: If you encounter a question or problem, there is a wealth of great information here. There are FAQs, training articles, and answers for known issues.
  • Training Videos: Here you will find literally hours of great instructional videos created in-house, by Camp Logos Instructor Morris Proctor, as well as many user-created videos!
  • Logos Bible Software Forums: There is so much great advice and information on our user forums. With the forums search feature, you can access the thousands of threads already available to help answer important questions or give you ideas on how to get the most out of a feature. But don’t stop there, you can easily sign up to ask specific questions, start your own discussions, or help others get the most out of their study.
  • Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manual Volume 1 and Volume 2: Written and compiled by certified and authorized trainer Morris Proctor, these manuals provide clear, easy to follow instructions to help you master Logos 4!

One tool that should be highlighted is found right inside Logos 4 itself. The question mark in the upper right hand corner of the tool bar or using the keyboard shortcut Alt+P opens up the drop-down Help menu. The Help menu allows you to access audio tutorials explaining the screen you have open, as well as the Logos Bible Software Help section offering hundreds of tips to get the most out of Logos 4’s many tools and features!

As you can see, the pieces are all there for you to use Logos 4 as a Bible study powerhouse. We are continually striving to provide you the most innovative and powerful Bible software in the world and it is up to you to release the potential of vigorous Bible study into your life.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement to make the most of Logos 4. I’ve no doubt that Morris’ Training Manuals are excellent but for overseas users the postage costs exceed the publication costs, making them very expensive. Have you thought of producing and selling a pdf version which could be downloaded? That would make them readily available to a much wider readership.

  2. Giovanni says

    It’d be nice to have the Training Manuals on DVD, it will make it easier to watch the DVD while we’re interacting with the software, just like the PBB videos. Just a thought. Thanks for this powerful Bible study tool.

  3. I think the key that starts the ignition to release the potential of Logos 4 is one of Morris Proctor’s Camp Logos seminars. After attending one of his seminars and reading through some of his manuals, I feel much more proficient on Logos that I would have ever felt trying to pick around the program, and his live, personal instruction truly gave me the key to kick my Logos studies into overdrive.

  4. Owen,
    Thanks for your suggestion! I will pass it along.