Let Logos 4 Read the Bible to You

AudioToday’s guest post is from David Lemmons, one of the wonderful contributors on the Logos Forums.

I am a relatively new user of Logos. I have upgraded to version 4 and I have been learning more about it daily—there is still so much more to learn. I subscribe to RSS feeds of the Logos forums and learn new things about how to use the program just about every day.

One of the ways I use the software each day is in my daily Bible reading. I have a rather ambitious reading plan which leads me to read the Old Testament every 90 days and the New Testament every thirty days. This means I read the entire Bible four times each year and the New Testament an additional eight times.

My old system of getting this reading done was to open Logos to my preferred Bible and enlarge the text to the largest setting possible . In order to do my reading more quickly (and I think also to help retention), I use audio files to read as I scroll. I began with a set of MP3 audio files containing the narration of Eric Martin which I purchased for about $20. I adjusted the tempo of these 1189 individual files (one for each Bible chapter) by using the software Audacity. Adjusting the tempo did not result in the chipmunk-sound, rather, the words were easily understood, but were coming twice as fast as the pre-adjusted files. This project took quite a long time and was arduous, but I knew that once I got them prepared I would use them daily, so I did it. Reading the files at this faster pace requires one to concentrate more on the text and I think this is a useful serendipity.

A couple of weeks ago I learned that the very same thing that I had spent several hours of my precious time working on had already been provided by Logos 4.

I am using Windows Vista. All I needed to do was go to Control Panel and open up “Text to Speech.” I selected the voice that sounded best to me: “Microsoft Anna.” I set the “Voice Speed Slider Scale” to two notches slower than the very fastest setting. Then I opened up Logos4 to my Home Page. My two reading plans are on the home page. I click on the day’s reading. I hit the keys, and Anna reads to me at accelerated speed until I stop her by hitting once again . The scrolling is done automatically by Logos.

My reading for today was 1 Chronicles 23–29 and John 7–11. I read this in 26:30 minutes. With Logos 4, and its wonderfully adaptable reading plans, ability to read to me at whatever speed I choose, to scroll automatically through the Bible text, being a more disciplined daily Bible reader is so much easier and so much more fun—I love it!


  1. What keys do I need to hit to begin reading?

  2. CTRL+R

  3. Mobius1221 says

    The computer reads the text VERY fast even when zoomed in to the max! Any solution how to slow it down?

  4. Drew Fossler says

    Where exactly do you go to find the “read aloud” or “text to speech” settings? I’m looking for the place that allows me to change the speed of the voice that reads the text to you.

  5. I’ve been using Ctrl-R with Logos 4 from day one and I too would like to speed things up for my daily readings for all the same reasons.
    I have Windows Vista and changing the speed in Narrator doesn’t affect the speed for Logos 4. What am I missing?

  6. Jay Perkins says

    Wow this is great! Does it currently work for Logos for Mac?

  7. David Clark says

    Thank you for the instructions on Text to Speech on Vista. I have XP and I have tried to enable it through “Accessibility Narrator”. What I get is an audio of every key stroke and mouse move I make. You referenced after set that you “pushed the keys” and it began reading your Logos text. What keys are you referring to? Is it Control+Shift+Spacebar? I tried that too to no avail.
    It seems to me that you would need to click the cursor on the text where you want to begin and then press some short cut key to start the audio conversion of text. Any suggestions of how I might set this up on XP? Also, there is only one default choice for voice, which is “Sam” and he is not very clear as he sounds like a broken robot?? Thank you for any suggestions.

  8. Brent Hudson says

    If you have the MP3s of the Bible and a Windows machine, you can use Windows Media Player to adjust playback speed so you do not have to edit the original files.

  9. Chet McCord says

    I am using windows 7 and can get the preview test in the text to speech window to work, but can get it to work in Logos yet. I used the “clrt R” keys as you suggested, but it did not start – any suggestions?

  10. Pam Figueroa says

    Does this work with iMac?

  11. Lannis Riddle says

    I like having the ability to read along with the bible but have found even making the adjustments one posted that the reader in windows is very echoish. If that is a word! Would like to see a reader like Alexander Scoby or someone used. I do like the way the bible scrolls along with the reading! Thanks

  12. How does this work in Windows 7?

  13. John Steinhoff says

    How can this be accessed with Windows 7?

  14. Great tip! It would have helped for you to elaborate that “I hit the keys, and Anna reads…” was actually “read aloud” from the Logos menu. I’m not new to Logos, but very new to version 4. Thanks for the help. I’ve setup my reading plan and look forward to hearing it read!

  15. how do you stop it? says

    How do you make it stop?

  16. Frances Johnson says

    I would also like to know what keys to hit?

  17. I do wish that you would put in a copy of a real person reading it the computer thing well God forbid I start speaking like that to the people!LOL God Bless God Speed!

  18. Charles Dow says

    How do you get text to speech to work with Windows XP Prof.

  19. I can only get super slow or super fast. I am reading through Ecclesiastes. So far this is all vanity.

  20. Clifford says

    Wow, that’s a great tip. Thanks.

  21. Pastor Shaw says

    Just tested this in Windows 7. But I wasn’t able to get the reading speed to change within Logos 4. In the Control Panel, I did successfully increase the speed and the audio speed via the text to audio to speech settings. I even tested the speed in narrator which proportionately changed the speed. But for whatever the reason, Logos 4 isn’t taking the change.

  22. Pamela Purdin says

    Will it ever be able to read Greek or Hebrew? Modern pronunciation would be fine. I’d like to be able to listen to the Greek, particularly, to improve my grasp of that language.