Imagine a Christian Magazine in Every Public Library


Our goal here at Logos is to make Bible study more accessible than ever. And now you can help!

With Bible Study Magazine, we are able to share better Bible study tips, aids, as well as thoughts about Bible study from well-loved and high profile Christians.

But, we’re not just your average Christian magazine. To quote Mr. Magazine, “Bible Study Magazine is just that: a magazine to study the Bible. Some will be quick to say, so what’s new about that? Aren’t there plenty of magazines that deal with Bible studies and such? Well, on the surface, the answer is yes, but the more I studied (no pun intended) the new magazine, the more I saw its point of difference. It is not your grandfather’s Bible study magazine.”

We want this cutting edge magazine on Bible study to make its way to your public library, to provide Bible study tips and encouragement to a wider audience than ever before. Simply stated, we want more people studying the Bible.

The public library system generally does not carry niche publications—unless people start asking for them. But Bible study is so much more than a niche. That means there’s one reason why a magazine about the Bible isn’t in libraries everywhere: we haven’t thought to ask for it yet. It’s time to take a stand.

Can our magazine go places no Christian magazine has gone before? The fact that Bible Study Magazine has been in the Whatcom County Public Library System, and now is in the Bellingham Public Library (both in Washington state) says it can!

But let’s not stop with Washington State; let’s get Bible Study Magazine into public libraries all over the nation.

It’s easy. It will take you five minutes, max. Just go to your public library’s website, and find their book request form. (They probably won’t have a periodical request form.)

Then enter this info and submit the form.

Title: Bible Study Magazine
Author: John D. Barry
Publication Date: 11/01/2008
Publisher: Logos Bible Software
ISBN (or ISSN): 1945-0923
Price: $14.95

Join us in making Bible study popular again. To find your local library’s website, click here.


  1. Dr. Randy Rudisell says

    I just purchased your Bible Study Magazine. I would like to read a digital version on my computer and iPhone. Is that possible?

  2. Dr. Rudisell,
    We are currently only offering Bible Study Magazine in print since we want to encourage people to buy the print edition. However, we do have plans to make back issues available for Logos eventually.
    Bob Pritchett, the president of Logos Bible Software, said in a blog post, “For the digerati among us who’ve given up on print and read everything from a screen, we’ll eventually have the magazine content available electronically for Logos Bible Software. In the meantime, though, we hope to use the power of print to reach a new and larger audience whose horizons we can expand and whose curiosity we can pique.” (
    Thanks for the question,

  3. Martin Fancher says

    I love the Bible Study Magazine – I wish that it were a monthly magazine – even weekly would work for me – though I wouldn’t get much work done!!!
    When I got my subscription I asked about digital copies and was told that after the 2nd year it would be made available digitally to logos users (for a small fee).
    It appears by the question before mine – there is no plan for digital copies. Say it ain’t so!!
    Looking forward to paper AND digital copies to love and enjoy AND showoff to others!!
    Thank you!