Video Tutorial: Biblical Places Information

Video Tutorial

Walter McDougall, professor of international relations at the University of Pennsylvania, has said, “We all must learn geography in order to learn history.”

This is valuable advice. Geography provides the context for history, and location genuinely matters if you want to understand many of the nuances in historical developments and situations. This is true for a well rounded biblical understanding as well.

In today’s video tutorial we are going to look at the Biblical Places feature that makes it easy to find information on over one thousand places named in the Bible!


  1. I enjoy using this software so much I am thinking about selling all of the books in my library so I can purchase the newest and best version.

  2. Steve Maling says

    MANY thanks for providing such a wonder-full, well-done, and much-needed feature.

  3. I’ll admit up front that I’m still not used to the command line in Logos 4.
    However, it seems to me that it would be more intuitive to right click on the word Antioch in the biblical text and have an entry in the options that appear to “Show Antioch in Biblical Places.” Selecting that should then take the user to the first Antioch entry in Biblical Places.
    Not only would this kind of option be more intuitive (in my opinion), but would be much quicker as well.

  4. What great technology in helping to teach!