Video Tutorial: Biblical Places – Dynamic Maps

Video Tutorial

One phenomenal feature of Biblical Places is the capturing of actual geographic coordinates for as many biblical locations as possible. As you place your mouse over different areas of the maps in Biblical Places, you can actually see the exact longitude and latitude in the upper right hand corner. A simple click on the provided link and you can see those coordinates as they exist now in Google Maps!

Another great feature in Biblical Places is the ability to measure distances by pressing Ctrl and left clicking/dragging from one place on the map to another.

Biblical Places really opens up the geography of the biblical world to you. No longer is your biblical atlas a tool that you interact with passively, but it is powerful tool that you can manipulate and control to grasp the significance geography plays in biblical events.


  1. DeniseBarnhart says

    At first ‘Bibical Places’ seemed somewhat of a mystery, since visually, the viewer is a bit sparce (zooming controls, etc). But after getting used to it, it’s really quite useful, especially for OT locations where there’s sometimes multiple names. The best the part is being able to directly copy the map into another viewer that has more power (similar to copying text into Word). Someone really thought this thing out.

  2. Wow this is great! This gives us a better idea of how far Paul, other apostles, and Jesus travelled without the aid of machines! thanks for sharing!

  3. Jerry Carter says

    Is dynamic maps a separate download? I followed the steps and did not get the same results.

  4. Jerry,
    Thanks for your question. Biblical Places is available in base packages from Bible Study Library on up. If you have one of these base packages you can access Biblical Places through the Tools menu.

  5. Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy says

    God is truly with the Logos teams!

  6. Bob Dickens says

    How do you zoom while in Logos Bible Places?
    Excellent software!

  7. Bob,
    To zoom you can use the mouse wheel or Ctrl + – and Ctrl + = on the keyboard.