Logos 4: Project Logos on the Big Screen

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As an owner of Logos Bible Software 4, I’m sure you’re continuing to improve your mastery of this incredible tool for your personal Bible study. I hope also, if you’re a teacher or pastor, that you find ways to utilize the program in public teaching situations. With a laptop and projector you can utilize your electronic library right in the classroom. Here’s a little trick to help your students better see Logos when it’s projected:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Under Accessibility increase the percentage of Program Scaling

Now everything in the program including icons, menus, guides, tools, and more, are enlarged for easier viewing. Your students will thank you for this little tweak in the program. This tip also comes in handy for those late nights of study when your eyes are tired!


  1. douglas smith says:

    I would like to copy and paste to micro soft word from commenatries as well bible verses. I find i still have to use libronix digital library system to copy articles from commentaries it would be really nice to use Logos 4 for all my copy and paste requirements.Thanks Doug.

  2. HI Doug,
    You can copy verses or commentary content from within Logos 4 and paste into a Word document. Highlight the selection you want, right-click and select Copy. In an open Word document, right-click and select Paste. This will work with both Bible verses or commentary excerpts. What you cannot do at this time is highlight a selection and print it from within Logos 4, but you can paste your selection into Word and print from there.

  3. Mike Silverman says:

    Thanks for a really great training experience for Camp Logos this week in Philadelphia area. I’ve been to a lot of seminars before but this is the first one that I left both days with so much practical learning that is immediately useful. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to attend this and look forward to attending again soon. Thanks to you, Cindy and Art! (Hope I didn’t leave anyone out) -Mike

  4. Alan Miller says:

    I was going to attend the Phila. seminar and then I noticed on the schedule for the training seminars that one would be held in Ephrata, PA in lancaster County in the Fall. I thought, ‘Great’ that is much closer. Then several days later i picked up the schedule again and Ephrata was not on it, what’s up?

  5. Hi Alan,
    The Lancaster/Ephrata, PA Camp Logos is still scheduled so I’m curious to know what schedule you are checking. For an updated calendar, please see our Upcoming Regional Camp Logos Events page.
    To register, please contact Morris Proctor Seminars at 1-877-237-3168 or visit http://www.mpseminars.com. They can also answer any other questions you may have.

  6. Douglas Smith says:

    Thank you Adam Navarette for solving my problem regarding copying and pasting from Logos 4 small portions of commentaries to Microsoft Word. I much appreciate your help .