Logos 4: Locate Occurrences of an Original Word or Strong’s Number

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

I have received numerous e-mails asking, “Where is the Englishman’s Concordance in Logos 4?” Just to be sure you know what I’m referring to, the Englishman’s Concordance was a special search feature in Libronix 3 that located every occurrence of a Strong’s number (which represented a Hebrew or Greek word) in the Bible.

So if you have been wondering this yourself, here is the answer: the name Englishman’s Concordance does not appear in Logos 4, but the functionality does:

  • Open a Bible with the reverse interlinear option (currently ESV, NRSV, KJV, NKJKV, NASB, and NLT)
  • Right click on a word in a verse
  • From the right menu, select Lemma “your word” OR Strong’s “your number”
  • Select Search this resource

There before your eyes will be every occurrence of that word or number! When doing word studies, this is a valuable search so that you can compare Scripture with Scripture.


  1. Jeff Holmes says:

    Great Post. Thank you for that!! Keep it coming.

  2. Ron Harvey says:

    When trying to cut and paste scripture to document, how do you not include all the letter icons that are used for notes?

  3. Hi Ron,
    Great question. To remove the footnote letters, click the Visual Filters icon (three circles) on the Bible’s toolbar and select Bible Text Only.
    This will change the Bible’s layout to list form and at the same time it will remove all the cross references. You’ll then have only verse number and one verse per line.

  4. Will Nelken says:

    To exclude footnotes permanently, you can turn off Copy Footnotes in Tools | Program Settings | General.

  5. Ed Johlman says:

    I’ve been wondering about the Englishman’s Condordance look-up also in Logos 4. However, when I right click on a word in Logos 4 (I’m using the NASB and the NASB95) I do not get any Lemma or Strong’s option on the pop-up menu. I’m still lost! How do I perform a Lemma or Strongs search?
    Also, when I pick “bible word study” on the pop-up menu it searches the english word in the OT and NT even when I only want info from one of the testaments. How do I narrow that?

  6. Laurie Ledbetter says:

    Thank you for your post on how to find the occurances of an original word. Once you search and find the occurances, how do you print the search list?
    Thanks you. Laurie Ledbetter

  7. Hi Laurie,
    At this time, printing the list of verses is not possible. You can, however, print various charts of the results which will show the number of verses or hits per book of the Bible. To do so, click Graph results just below the Search tab, select the type of chart you want (Result Map, Bar Chart, Column Chart, or Pie Chart), then right-click on the chart and click Print.
    Also, please note that we do have on our task list to implement better printing support, which we hope to release Third Quarter of 2010. And as long as you have Use Internet and Automatically Download Updates enabled (under Tools | Program Settings), you will get the update as soon as these updates go live. Hope that helps.

  8. DeWayne says:

    All the Bibles you listed work except the NLT. What am I missing?

  9. Hi DeWayne,
    Thanks for pointing this out. For the NLT, the license comes with several Logos 4 base packages, but the files are still being worked on. As soon as they’re ready, anyone who owns the license will get the files.