Video Tutorial: Bible Reading Plan

Video Tutorial

Making sure that you provide yourself with regular time to read the Scriptures—or better yet, to let the Scriptures read you—is an important part of your daily walk. One of Logos’ goals is to ensure that you have the tools needed so your Bible reading doesn’t happen haphazardly. The Bible Reading Plan in Logos 4 is an important part of that toolbox.

Today’s video tutorial walks you through setting up your customizable reading plan. Once your reading plan is in place, it syncs across multiple platforms from your desktop, to your laptop, to your iPhone, even to Staying on task in your Bible reading is within reach with the Bible Reading Plan.


  1. Roosevelt Gibson Jr says

    I began using the bible reading plan with Libronix Digital Library system and when I upgraded to Logos 4 quickly adapted to its bible reading program. This adds vigor to my morning reading because I read different sections of the Bible on different days of the week.

  2. Info is good but it does not address setting up a reading plan for the whole Bible starting on a date other than Jan 1. Also no info on how to do cross platform setup, ie I cannot get my reading plan onto my iPhone EDB

  3. Ed,
    Thanks for input.
    I just set up an entire Bible Reading Plan starting on April 30th. By going File/Reading Plan
    you are brought to the box to set up your Reading Plan. The bar lists all of the customizable areas in your Reading Plan—something like this: Read ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION, ALL PASSAGES, EVERY DAY, starting TODAY, and finishing IN ONE YEAR.
    Every place that i have listed in capitals has a drop-down, customizable view. Under ALL PASSAGES you can drop down and choose Entire Bible and then, under the starting TODAY tab, you can choose any date from the calender view that pops up.
    To get your Reading Plan synced simply push the Synchronization Button in the upper right next to the Layouts button. Next time you log in to your iPhone it should be there!
    I hope this helps.

  4. Paul Wright says

    Is there a way to enter a reading plan where you read a section of the Torah, Wisdom literature, hisory, prophets, gospels, letters, etc on a daily basis by usint the Bible Reading in Logos 4?

  5. Possibly I am missing something easy but how do I delete a reading plan that is incomplete? I set up a couple playing with the function and now can not find how to remove them? Great tool, thank you.

  6. Pr. Rick E (Hickey) says

    I love reading through the Bible, but since 1984, where in Trinity Evg. Divinity Sch., Deerfield, IL under Dr. John Sailhamer who introduced us to the normal 3 divisions of the OT, esp. the “themes” of the 3rd division: “The (Poetic) Writings”. Since learning this, I’ve read the Bible through using the OT 3 divisions & then I divided up the NT into 3 divisions & then mixed them up like this: “The Authors & Themes”
    1st – OT Law
    2nd – NT Jesus (Mt, Mr, Lu, Ac)
    3rd – OT Prophets (Josh, Jud, 1&2 Sam, 1&2 Ki, Major & Minor)
    4th – NT Paul
    5th – OT Writings (Psm, Job, Prov 31 “virtuous woman”, Ruth is “virtuous woman” ends in wedding, Song S = “Honeymoon”, Eccl “When the ‘Honeymoon’ is over”, Lam, Est, Dan, Ezr, Neh, 1&2 Chr)
    6th – NT Others (Heb, Jam, 1&2 Pet, Jud, John, 1,2&3 John & Rev).
    How would I ever set something like this up? Like I said, since 1984, I’ve read my Bible in this order & I will continue to read “The Authors & Themes”.
    Thanks a ton,
    Pr. Rick E from Rio (missionary)

  7. Rick,
    Thanks for the comment to the blog. That is a great question, and yes, you can set up a reading plan like that. You will have to define the sections yourself though.
    Under the the second (Passage) drop down menu, in the New reference range space in the bottom, you can define books that make up a section by separating them with commas and separate the sections with an upright bar ( | ).
    So for instance you can arrange your passages to look something like this: Lev, Deut | Mt, Jn | Is, Jer | etc.

  8. John,
    Thanks for the question. When you click on the File button, in the toolbar, it drops down into a menu that–on the left under New–allows you to create new Clippings, Reading Plans, Prayer Lists etc and–on the right–lists your current Reading Plan(s). If you right click on any of those Reading Plans you are given the option to delete it.
    I hope this helps!

  9. Paul,
    Please see my response to Rick! Thanks for the comment.

  10. Isaac Terwilleger says

    My church is working up a Bible reading plan. What we would like to do is to read through the Bible Genesis-Revelation, but then tailor the plan so that through Lent we can read through the Lenten passages (and I suppose once knowing if that’s possible, and learning how to do it, the same could be done with Advent readings). Is that even a possibility? Any help? Bueller? Bueller?

  11. Ok, I’ve done this 10 times or more and I’ve tried it different ways with different Bibles… It crashes every time I press “Generate” (since the Mac version doesn’t have “Go.”) It never makes a list or overview or calendar but it does show up on the homepage even though it doesn’t work.

    I’m trying to make a chronological version to read this year. I’ve copied and pasted the the Morris Proctor list and titled it and pressed “save.” It starts to process then the window goes away and I get a message saying “Logos Bible Software 4 quit unexpectedly.” I reboot the program. It shows up on the homepage and it doesn’t work. It takes me to a page with the Bible open and other reference material but no markings about where to start and stop. When I try “Export to iCal” it generates a reminder everyday to read the Bible with no text references.

    Any ideas? Thanks!