My Camp Logos 4 Experience

mp-seminar.jpgToday’s post is by Dale Pritchett, Senior Vice President.
I was recently attending a 4.0 Camp Logos in Walnut Creek, California, and one of the people attending turned to me and asked me how long I had been using Logos. The same question had been asked of me a few days earlier in Hercules, California, where I was also attending a 4.0 Camp Logos. In each case the rooms were full of Logos users, some quite new and some with ten to fifteen years of experience. At first I thought it was kind of cool to be part of this spontaneous competition for longest-time Logos user. I have to tell you it was hotly contested game. One guy insisted that he had been using Logos for over thirty years. Beat that!
Later, Morris Proctor introduced me as one of the Logos co-founders and I had to burst some bubbles by pointing out that the company was founded in January 1992 by our son Bob, who is now age 38. He was a smart kid, but he wasn’t writing Logos in grade school.
But oh the zeal for Logos! It was exciting for me to get out among the users and see that this software has become a part of their lives! It’s not just our enthusiasm in Bellingham, Washington, but it is around the world wherever Logos is used. It is humbling and a great privilege to be a part of it. And this was just the beginning.
My wife, Jenni, and I were attending a couple of the first Logos 4 camps on the west coast, and they were nothing short of a treat. Morris (Moe) was great! He sounded like he had been teaching Logos 4 for years. It was like seeing the software for the first time. I was amazed at how much we learned, and we have seen Logos 4 from the very first design specs. It is so very different to see it through the eyes of a skilled Bible student and master teacher like Moe.
I went to two camps back-to-back and saw ways to use the program I never would have discovered on my own. I am sold. I think I am going to have to buy that software again because I am so excited about what you can do with it.
When I began this blog I was going to encourage each of you to attend Camp Logos 4.0. Now I am going to suggest that you contact Moe ( and sign up to host a camp in your area. This year Moe is offering camps for both mid-week—Wednesday and Thursday—as well as a new format, Friday evening and all day Saturday. This is great for those who might have trouble getting to camp during the work week.
I will warn you. You need a big room to host camp. There have been more than 100 people at some camps. If you can’t host a camp, go to one in your area. If you use Logos 4 on a regular basis you will gain a wealth of information, meet some great people, be encouraged in your study, and get some great tools at camp. I want to go again, and I will. I plan to be in Seattle, March 16 and the National Camp Logos here in Bellingham on June 10. There is also Camp Logos 4.0 on an Alaskan Cruise beginning June 12.


  1. Thomas Kong says:

    Just how many Logos users are there in Malaysia and Singapore. Maybe consider doing a workshop here in the future.

  2. David Barnard says:

    I am a new user and I went to moes training in North Carolina what a treat there is so much to learn and I am recommending it to all my friends

  3. John Suen says:

    Dear Sir,
    I live in Hong Kong and wonder if your organization would ever think about organizing Logos 4 seminars outside of USA, like in Asia, in China, or in Hong Kong.

  4. When are you going to offer a camp outside of the U.S.? I use Logos 4 everyday, but live in Costa Rica (which would be a very nice place to hold a camp, by the way).

  5. If you’re interested in hosting one in Malaysia or Singapore, consider contacting MP Seminars –

  6. If you’re interested in hosting one, please consider contacting MP Seminars –

  7. Augustine Chow says:

    I support John’s proposal. I am a user of Logos in Hong Kong. I can’t stop surfing within my logos each day and discover, and learn so much about the 1500 books I have installed in the library, and the more I am buying from each Pre-Publication sales.
    Can’t live without it. Bought two volumes of user manuals, but got no time to read them thoroughly.
    I understand I am using less than 5% of the software.
    Invite Logos to host a webseminar for Asia Pacific logo users, and even better, organize a camp for us in Asia.
    Augustine Chow

  8. Matthew C Jones says:

    I just attended the Camp Logos in OKC and learned so many features of Lgos 4 that I never knew of. It is truly an investment that will return many fold. The personal attention given by the staff (Moe, Art, Cindy & the hosting church) made this more of a restful retreat with spiritual benefits than just an academic exercise. I recommend this to everyone. I’ll be going again. someday. Schedule one in the Caribbean.

  9. Aureliano Tan Jr says:

    I have been using Logos since ’93 or ’94. Can’t remember exactly. At that time the software was in diskettes. The software has been invaluable in my study of the Word, which is what I use it for mostly. The current version of the software is very useful but I bring up both 3.0g and 4.0 at the same time. Thus, I can view more pages by simply Alt-Tab(bing) to either software. Am currently at Platinum level and don’t see the need yet to upgrade but will if some of the books I want are in the set, e.g. The Authority and Inspiration of Scripture (B B Warfield) and Berkouwer’s monumental series on Systematic Theology. I would like to see Logos publish books by Leon Morris on the Atonement. There is also a classic by James Denney on The Death of Christ. A good thematic set to pursue is “The Christian and the State” with works such as that of Oscar Cullman, etc. Thank you for allowing to share my experience with and my wishes about Logos.